Is my dad going to be okay?


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My dad has had health scares for the past one year. He had heart surgery and was doing better, but he hasn't been feeling well recently.
I am worried because I have been looking at the next lunar eclipse, which is precisely on my MC.
Could someone please look at this chart for me?
My dad is 10th house, so Venus. Venus is in an anaretic degree Leo about to change signs and conjunct Lilith; it is also in the 8th house.


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Your dad will most definitely be ok. I am not so sure about you.

with mutual reception venus to sun….its an escape artist’s ‘get out’ card.

leave it to him…. but you need to prepare yourself because if not now and he uses his escape this time, sooner than later he will be ready to go. he will be fine. you need to be ready also.