Is my Chalazia a serious issue?


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It's been a long time to my fellow Astrology friends and I'm sorry that I'm making a post that could be quite serious. Well, late last month it became apparent that I got a bump in my bottom left eyelid and we thought it was a stye and it would go away. Well, it hadn't gone away in about a month or two and it's apparent to me now after doing some internet research that it's a chalazia. I was/am on the verge of hopefully getting an appointment with the eye doctor but what promoted this post was that I realized there was a similar second-chalazia like bump on my bottom right eyelid.

So, is it a serious issue?

I'm Capricorn(Saturn), Saturn is exalted in Libra and recieves a trine from similarly posited Neptune. In medical astrology, the ruler of eyes is Aries(Mars). There is no connection between Mars and Saturn, however Mars is currently receiving a trine from Venus-Jupiter and the 6th house ruler(Mercury) is facing no ill-aspects whatsoever.

So I'd like to say that based off this chart, the situation will be resolved favorably.


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This isn't an astrological answer, but my Capi Sun daughter used to get these all the time. They would last six months or longer. It's caused by a condition called blepharitis. She used to have a very chronic case of eye inflammation, which was treated by a course of a combination of steroids and antibiotics...that actually burned her eye and made the condition worse. What finally did the trick was a six month regimen of Restasis, and learning how to keep the eyelid clean (sometimes just washing the eyelids with baby shampoo will work.)

Definitely see an eye doctor. Not a serious condition, but painful and unattractive.