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Hi, this is my first post..I have been reading up on astrology for a few months now and am thoroughly enjoying it..ok I'm a bit obsessed, lol..anyways...I just wanted to make sure that I am getting my ascendant right..I was born on april 13, 1982 at 4:32 a.m. and I believe my ascendent is aries..I've put my info into alot of natal chart calculators online and almost all of them say this, I jsut wanted to make sure that daylight savings hadnt changed my time by that point..because if I were to lose an hour then it would be pisces..anyways, I dont know when the daylight savings timechange occured that, do most of these online natal charts calculate that automatically and I got it right the first time, or not? sorry..I used alot of words to ask a simple question..but, any help would be much appreciated, thanks.;)

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Welcome to the forum, my fellow Arian! :)

We need the exact location of your birth in addition to the time and date in order to calculate your Ascendant. I recommend using Astrodienst, which is known to be quite accurate.

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OK, here it is, thanks for your help. :cool: I guess the Aries ascendant was accurate, just wanted to be sure.


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Your natal angles are all conjunct my own within two degrees :cool:

Here's a slight potential problem: in the North Hemisphere in which you were born, Aries is a sign of fast ascension, which means the entire sign crosses the horizon much more quickly than many other signs of the zodiac. Your Ascendant sign is correct if your birth time is accurate within seven minutes, but if you were born at 4:32 AM or earlier, you would have a late Pisces Ascendant and a late Sagittarius Midheaven.

I don't know the average delay between the actual time of birth and the recording of the time of birth, but seven minutes seems to be sufficient time to "play with"--enough time, for example, for the nurses to check your vital signs, clean you up, wrap you in a blanket, and present you to your mother. However, if there was an emergency at your birth, the time may be off by as much as twenty minutes. Remember that health practioners' main priority is to ensure the delivery of a healthy infant--not to record the exact time of birth.

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IF your time of birth is correct then using Solar arcs, age 4.5 SA Neptune conj MC. This could have been a parent disappearing, relocation, mysterious illness. age 12.5 SA moon conj MC should have been a relocation of family....

You have calculated your chart using the default on of placidus and I use Equal House system and am a modern astrologer. Lots of people that come into Astrology get their free charts calculated at and the default ‘house system’ used is Placidus and think that’s just the norm and all that there is……..BUT that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can change the default on in Extended Chart selection to Equal house and a few more.

Throughout the forums but mainly in natal astrology there are two main branches Placidus (unequal size houses) v Equal House (whereby each house is same size) but lots more……. For more information on these go here.

It's only with study and research will you be able to assess where your planets are deposited and in which houses... thus see which 'glove fits'

Actually, Equal house works better a high Latitudes anyway, be we all have to see which explanations of planets in houses fits us best.

Going back to Solar Arcs then...
Solar Arcs
Solar arcs are really simple, especially for beginners, just move the Angles, Asc, Desc, MC, IC 1' for each year of your life onto planets and vice versa. Not just used for rectification either. Under age 12 though these interpretations are directed towards family changes, maybe relocation, job changes, illnesses, additions to family etc. Another example is my Pluto is 28' Leo in 7th house and my Uranus is 3' Leo in same house to subtract these and you get age 25. That year my then husband and I had an almight explosion (Uranus) and transformation (Pluto) of that marriage that started the demise and ultimate ending thereof....

Further research on solar arcs try these threads.

Hope this helps
hikoro said:

Thanks for the idea of the equal option at
But, doesn't this option make the signs corresponding to the houses inaccurate?

I mean, you can get two signs in one planet with the default option...but, if you do equal then every house gets a different sign.

There are pro and cons with every house system. With Equal house you don't get intercepted signs or houses. Each house cusp is the same as Asc.

Planets in signs can never change whatever house system you use.
How then does an astrologer choose a house system? Well, the individual studying alone is more than likely to use Placidus Houses. The reason for this is simple - he has to consult an ephemeris in any case, and Raphael's Ephemeris is the most widely used, which gives the information needed for Placidus Houses.
Students who study with a recognised school are usually introduced to all of the house systems, but taught to use one far more than the others. This is usually the Equal House system, which incidentally is also the oldest one. In this house system, the twelve divisions are very much like spokes of a wheel, equally spaced at 30 degree intervals, with all houses being the same size. This is the easiest of the House systems to use, as it requires no further calculation. Once the Ascendant is known, one simply divides the rest of the chart using the Ascending degree as a starting point - so if the Ascendant is at 22 degrees Leo, this is take as the cusp of the first house, with the second house beginning at 22 degrees Virgo, the third at 22 degrees Libra and so forth.
The Equal House system is conceptually valid within today's astrological standpoint that every individual is free to become what their birth chart symbolises as their ultimate talent. The Ascendant has been shown to correspond to the way the person automatically approaches their environment - the 'persona' in Jungian terms. This person is therefore likely to approach every field of life in a specific way. A person with an Aquarius Ascendant, for example, will approach money-making and material values (2nd house) in a Pisces manner, will learn (3rd house) in an Aries manner, deal with family (4th house) in a Taurus manner and so forth.

The biggest criticism of the Equal House system concerns the position of the MC, which, using this system is more often than not the cusp of the tenth house (or any house) but rather is found within the 9th, 10th or 11th house.

The MC, being the highest point at birth, symbolises the aims and ambitions one works towards, and, by extension, one's career potential and public image. But these areas are also 10th house matters, devised, because of that house's association with Saturn, to show precisely these areas of life. It is therefore conceptually necessary (so goes the argument) that the MC be the cusp of the 10th house. For this reason, the Equal House system has a limited following outside the UK, although it is still the commonest House system within the UK.