is it?


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I have been geting this thought that i might be pregnant.
no one knows for sure if it is a yes or know until i wait a month.

i want to put this question again differently to see if they horary has an answer to my situation.

If i am pregnant then is it a girl?


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There is a text in Arabic by Sahl Bin Bishr Al-Israeli that says:

look at the ruler of the ascending and the ruler of the fifth, if they are in a male sign, then the fetus is male.
If the two planets are in a feminine sign, the fetus is feminine.
And if one of them is in a male sign, and the other is in a female sign, then look at the sign in which the moon is and the planet with which it is connected.
If the moon is in a female sign or is in contact with a female planet, then she will give birth to a girl.

* And know that if Mercury is to the east, I mean, it rises before the sun, then it is male, and if it is western, I mean, it rises after the sun, then it is female.

here in this chart, the ruler of the ascendant and the ruler of the fifth in the male sign .
I meditate a lot on the female planet Venus in the fifth house and it is connected to the moon in a feminine sign!!! this is important .
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