Is it worth taking a chance w this guy ?? Please help!


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You mentioned that his Moon didn’t make a lot of aspects in the synastry, which is true. But his Moon is placed at a powerful point in your chart—it is right at the midpoint of your Mercury/Uranus square. That is a very active important trigger point in your chart.
Mercury/Uranus Principle: Independent thinking. A progressive mind. Sudden communication that can catch people off guard.

So his Moon is sitting at the midpoint, the strongest point of that energy field, and would be reacting to and feeling your independence and uniqueness.

His Moon would have an emotional need for open communication. He might exhibit quickly and/or abruptly changing moods.

I think he is quite attracted emotionally , but feels uncertain about your level of commitment.

His Moon is at the midpoint of your Merc/Uranus square so he feels your internal struggle between commitment and wanting to flee. Mercury/Uranus in hard aspect is like having an internal ‘Fight or Flight’ alarm going off when one gets too emotionally close to someone.

Although his Moon has few major aspects to your chart, His Sun connects with almost all of your planets:
His sun BQ your Sun, Uranus
His Sun 150 your Moon , Pluto [tight]
His Sun trine your Merc
His sun opposed your venus
His Sun square your Mars
His Sun semi-sq Saturn -exact
His Sun is quincunx your Pluto

So you impact his sense of self and his need to be recognised and appreciated for who he is. There are some difficult aspects to his Sun so he does feel challenged at times.Your Mars squares his Sun in Cancer in the 8th. You challenge his feelings about intimacy and privacy somehow? You are not following his rules?

Mercur trine Mercury:
Very nice mental/emotional flow w/each other, as the mercury’s are in water signs and water houses. You can sense each other’s unsaid moments and can feel what each other needs/desires?

Venus shows what/where a man feels attracted to love/romance. Being with someone who sextiles or trines his Venus increases sexual desire, compatibility and makes the relationship easier and more successful.
His Venus trine your Sun, Moon
His Venus sextile Jupiter -exact
His Venus opposed Neptune
His Venus trine Pluto, Asc

Mars in synastry signifies sexual energy and excitement potential in the relationship. It also signifies how we get what we desire and get things done.
His Mars sextiles your Sun , Moon, Ascendant
His Mars semi-sq Merc
His Mars trine Jupiter exact, trine Sat, Neptune
Sextile Pluto
His Mars quintile your Chiron


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Thank you for the detailed response! I didn't even notice some of those aspects until you mentioned it!

The whole Mercury/Uranus square hitting his moon is spot on! I do have commitment issues but I am more moodier than him. He did tell me that he usually feels detached but when we are together it feels different as is almost like a "high" for him, as corny as it sounds haha. He definitely senses my uncertainty due to me pulling away multiple times. He has at one point even said that "you don't know what you want. it seems like you are just trying not to like me." He is right about that.

And I do challenge his feelings of intimacy by questioning if he really even does feel anything for me. He has told me in the past that he didn't treat his ex right so based off of that, I always question whether his feelings for me are even genuine. He is also a very detached guy emotionally so that further fuels my questioning lol. He does treat me quite differently but the doubt is still in the back of my head. Could just be insecurity idk

He recently brought up having kids as well which kind of shocked me because we haven't even been seeing each other that long. After he saw my reaction he told me he was joking but it didn't seem like it.

Could that be because of his saturn in my 5th house, as well as saturn in the 5th house composite?

I think he is serious about you and this relationship. There is a lot of potential here. But you are both young so you don't need to make any life altering decisions just yet...Enjoy each other, and if you decide to continue, try dating and see how that goes...