Is it the reality?


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Dear all

Iam asking two questions.. My ex text me before some days asking about me but I didn't not answer him and I don't want him Iam sure that he didn't love as he told me that he is in love with another girl and I feel that he only pretend he does care so I cut my relationship with him . The other one if his sisters did know about me and him or not..
The story is that every thing between me and him supposed to be secret but some thing wrong happen behind me and I can feel it and see it so I didn't trust him any morep and I cut my relationship with his sisters. Only one of them I am still visiting her but in my inside I don't feel good with her I wish I can cut off this also. All my problem is feeling of gossip and deception from him and his sisters even his mother I don't like her at all 🙄.. Am I imagining things or this the reality?

Thankyou for your kind help as always..


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