Is it some kind of a chalenge from this live ?


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sometimes I feel that I can't control my own actions, cause whenever a planet is transitting my first house which is full of planets I feel that something is changing or changes;I a stellium formed from 6 planets which is placed in my first house and it's like hard to control my own emotions and actions...; For example every time a planet is transitting the first
house it conjuncts every planet from it likeUranus,Jupiter,Moon,Sun,Neptun and every aspect made has its own efect on me... well it is said that the planets dispose something and man can do something else according to what he thinks it's better... and emotions can be controled... it's up to you... hope it is right!!! and this is my chart


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Wow! Just, wow! All sitting opposite Chiron.. You've gotta be able to feel that like a bed of nails! I wish someone else replied here with more insight for you.. You definitely have a destiny with Chiron! I would read up and understand the mythology well. It's quite fascinating!

I do understand the feelings you have about I have 4 t-squares with 8 planets in opposition, 6 of them are conjunct and opposite so 3 of the t-squares are on top of each other, it's A LOT to handle every time some big outer planet comes cruising by... one thing I can tell about you're chart though is you'll never cease to face the challenge! it just might kill you (well, eventually..) but you'll be right there looking it in the eye when it's time.

Be well. Peace. :love:
~ Asi