is it ok to get married?


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Saturn aspecting the 7th house is the cause for delay, perhaps. Wait patiently. Chances are bright for marriage before 2011. This also answers your PM to me.



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Kannan sir;
Once again,thank you for the reply.Though i have the patience to wait,the society seems to never wait and start throwing questions.
WEll,i heard that praying Goddess Devi will help in bringing marriage closer.Is it so?If yes,how to worship Godess Devi?
May i also know the position of mercury in my chart?
Thanks and seeking blessings!

try to get RUKMINI KALYANAM book and recite it once in specific number of days (usually 3-7 days)


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hello wellwishers;
Can anybody tell me if this is the right time for getting married as per the following details?When will the marriage take place?
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your answers will really mean as a great help to me.

DOB is dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy format?


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On this site, date format is usually mm/dd/yyyy. Some of the readings are based on this and not relelvent. They wasted their time.

I was waste of my time as well and I stopped looking further.