Is it ok that my partner visits me from 9th-13th Dec?


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I have a little place by the beach where I officially live, but I haven´t been there in 3 months, and was going to go back tomorrow, after some weeks travelling and at my parents´house. I was ill lately and still not completely recovered. He wanted to come visit me tomorrow for a week but I think a week is too much, since I have a bit of pain in my throat and it gets really dry after talking. I feel I need some time for myself and feel tired, and though I love him I still think a week is too much in these circumstances. Since he needs to buy tickets, will it be ok if he comes for half a week, from like 9-13th Dec?
(Note: At the same time I´m indecisive about the Xmas holidays with him....not sure if it´s a good idea that he comes visit me and I introduce him to my parents or better that we spend it away. My parents aren´t too happy with this relationship. But I guess I better throw another chart for this 2nd question....) We need to take a few decisions about seeing each other throughout this month. If I´m not completely recovered, maybe it´s best we just leave it to Xmas, but I am just not sure when I will be 100% recovered.)


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This doesn't seem like such a good time to me right now.
You care about him, are interested in him, being in his/7th house. And we see you are not feeling well, with your being Mercury in your detriment. You have reservation about him/Jup coming, because Jup is in the sign of your detriment and fall. That will go away a bit when Jup moves out of Pisces and into Aries.

And he/Jup really cares about you, since you/Merc are in the sign of Jupiter's dignity.
But Merc and Jup separate from a recent square, some kind of challenge between you, and now there is no aspect between Merc and Jup in sight for quite a while.

If we take you as Mars, since Mars is on the Ascendant, Mars first meets the Sun by opposition and is a long way away from Jup.

Moon, symbolizing the unfolding of the question, is in the unfortunate 12th house and applying to square Saturn. So a square and to Saturn. This does not seem to point to things being favorable.


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I see, Ilene....someone told me that indeed it is obvious I am not completely well, but that I (Mercury) moves into Capricorn on Wednesday, so I could start seeing some improvement in my condition from Wed. onwards...but from your message I gather it may still be a little early because apart from Mercury there are more it´d better to see him for Xmas (23rd Dec-->),.....ok, then, thank you for your views 🙏 :)