Is it good to be pushy/domineering during the transit of pluto to the ascendant?


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Pluto is currently hovering my Ascendant. And lately, I was able to confront all the past issues I have with those people who have hurt me, and I think, whom I have given out my power. The issue I'm talking about happened during the last 6 months of 2008 and that time, Pluto was near the end of my 12th house, opposing my sun in cancer. Fear really overwhelmed me that time that I became too submissive and just let them overpower me. It was a very complicated love-square thing.

Years passed by and the drama never stopped, not until 2011 when I began to like someone else unexpectedly and INTENSELY! (he has a stellium in scorpio :w00t:) but that "good thing" happened between us doesn't last either. During that time, I really felt that the long attachment I had with the first guy, were instantly erased when I started to like this scorpio man. But when the thing between us stopped, my old feelings I had with the first guy (he's actually a virgo) keep on resurfacing, even though I don't want him anymore. It's like, I may still have feelings on him but, I don't want him in my life anymore.

During that time, I was able to communicate again with the girl I had past issues with. Actually, she's the girl that the virgo guy who dumped me, chose. So, we became "friends" again (because were friends before) and just this June, I finally had the courage to open up my past resentments on her as well as to the guy. She's aware about the past issues we had - jealousy, betrayal, possessiveness, etc. And actually, I asked her if we could meet each other - all those people involved, and confront those things that we never settled yet. But she told me that the virgo guy would definitely not want to do that. And so, since I already felt my old grudges on the surface, I lost control and told all those things in the past on her via facebook inbox - but in a nice way. Especially that I felt too that there's only a small chance that we would all meet. When it was her turn now to tell her side, I was just kinda irritated about how she played innocent about our issues in the past, like she could fool me?! Ugh. You know that feeling wherein, I've already risked my pride and became transparent on her, but what she replied on me were just lies. Good thing I have good memory and was able to use back on her the things she told me and have done on me before - all those bullying stuffs, backstabbing, and those times that she's staring me to death. During our "talk," I was able to grasp about how superficial and manipulative she is even before. It's just so irritating! Ughhh.

After that, she didn't reply anymore. Actually, just last week, I asked her what's going on with her now. And she told me that she's fine, and she doesn't have any hard feelings on me. She just told me that, she just don't know what to reply after I said those things. And she was just thankful that I opened those things on her. She also told me that, she's still not sure about the meet-up we were planning since she doesn't receive any response yet from the other people involved.

Now, I'm confused. Should I still push them to confront those things, or just let it go? Actually, I feel better now. But it's still just irritating how she had the guts to make up stories and lie on me while I've become really transparent on her. I know she knew those things. Ugh. What's the best thing to do?