Is he thinking of me?


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Looking to get insight on this horary.

Background: We aren't speaking it got's been like a month no contact. I do not plan on reaching out to him but I like him (some Venus/Pluto stuff going on), though at times he is super temperamental and a bit insecure...but I'm a bit insecure too idk. I may post our synastry in the other forum because there's a lot going on. I should say we are long distance

Chart below
I am Mars and Moon. He is Venus and maybe the Sun?

Venus is in 10th house Retro for about another week.

Venus and Mars are not making any aspect

Venus making aspect to Uranus in 1st house?

Aspects between Moon Mars and Neptune 12th house?

Mars is moving into Cap in two days. Mars is exalted in Cap.


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Based on reception from him/Venus to you/Mars, I would say, yes, he is thinking of you. But not any more than that, as neither he as Venus nor as Sun aspect you. And Venus is disjunct Mars, one sign apart, so the two of you are not on the same page, so to speak.

He/Venus does go direct soon, but still very slow moving, and you/Mars do move toward a conjunction. As the faster of the two planets, you/Mars are the keener of the two. But Mars meets Jupiter before it gets to Venus, prohibiting perfection of the conjunction.

Moon's next aspect, pointing to the question's unfolding, is an unfavorable square to malefic Mars, so things between you are not too encouraging in general.


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Thanks lleneK!

I figured as much this was the case. Things are not at all good with us, bleh!

My romantic life is **** mostly. I meet someone it's all great then it's all bad. So disappointing. Was thinking of posting the synastry might still do it.

Thanks again


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I agree with Ilene. There's just not a sufficient charge in the battery of this relationship (to use a metaphor.)

I would suggest that looking back at a relationship that is over, does not support or empower you. Good synastry is no guarantee that a relationship will work out because people often have their own inner stuff going on. (Ask me how I know.) Maybe enjoy the freedom of your single status for a while, then look again once your own inner batteries are recharged.