Is he talking flirting with others ?


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He said to me he is being busy because of work. I believe him but i still suspect. What do you think according to the chart is he
chatting with other women ?

Im again in 12th house, he is mars. He is self centered yes, i am in taurus my other significator is moon in scorpio.

Do you think is he talking to other girls? Is there such an indication in the chart ? Thanks so much in advance.


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dr. farr

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he = 7th = scorpio = mars;his possible romantic/flirting interest = 5th from 7th = Pisces = Jupiter; mars flows away from Jupiter = no; SN in quesited house - no; answer to question: no
Whether he is merely speaking to other women (of. any & all ages) the chart cannot say since it is too general of a question to be valid.