is he seeing another woman?


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I was interested in this man, but I currently have big doubts about his interest towards me. The signals are on and off and I am confused. He is very close to one female coworker and this has led me to wonder if there was actually more going on between them.
I am jupiter retrograde in 1st house and he is mercury sitting in the 8th house. We don't aspect. My co-ruler moon is in opposition to his sun in 7th house and Jupiter to venus in 7th house.
The other girl is venus I suppose, in his 7th house. Does this mean something? mercury and venus do not aspect however.
He mercury is conjunct mars, I wonder if mars could be another person he is interested in? the 5th house ruler is mars and I am afraid that he may have already someone else.
Thank you for your insight.


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Thank you Tikana!

Dont like this one bit
Inam inclining to yes

You mean the woman or the man? the chart is pretty negative :crying:, I had hopes that we would end up together.
The girl may have been jealous, she knew that he liked me, but I could hear her across my desk saying negative things about me. Him, he was never straighforward with his feelings, but I did hear him tell a few people that he liked me.
I am angry at him because of this situation and I sense anger in him too but I dont really know why. I guess it is fate :annoyed:


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Thank you Chrysalis,
she doesnt like me I suppose. Does the chart show his feelings towards her?

Yes i was gonna say she didn't like you, with the opposition, but didnt want to make things sound worse.

Venus sits in mercurys sign, so she's in better standing than yourself.