Is Daughter a soul reincarnated?


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Sometimes I kind of ask myself this... a relative of my husband's side died before daughter's birth. Shortly before that relative's demise, we both had a health scare (this person was hospitalized and since then took a suddenly turn for the worse; I had a bleeding which put the pregnancy at risk) She also has some features that remind me of her. My daughter is a Cancer asc. (late degrees), with the Moon in the 12th.

It also stems from a past hurt: this person judged me for my way of raising my boy: that I would take him to daycare instead of staying with him all the time. At the time I was at the time working, later, dealing with depression, among other issues. It was another expense in the household, but I think it also help him to thrive. Sometimes I wonder:

--- What if this person, because of that judgment, came back as my daughter as a way of both souls learning the other person point of view and healing a grievance after that person passed?

Or maybe this is just the mind wondering, musings regarding spiritual realms and the question of life after death, and that I have to learn more about forgiving oneself's failing and other's and not to hold grudges.

I see the chart: Asc. Cancer in the very early degrees (Too early to tell about this regarding daughter?). I am a Cancer, and I am asking about my daughter in relatioship with an older person who has just passed. So it seems like the descendant in Capricorn, with Saturn in the 5th it kind of relates. Seen also the Moon in the 12th house kind of goes with the question: I am asking about spiritual matters.


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this is a very intriguing question. i'm still learning horary so please remember that and take this with a grain of salt :p Okay, i see some interesting things here! I will interperet your daughter as 5th house. Since you didn't describe your relationship with the other person, i will place them as 7th house. The fifth house is represented by venus. also, you have saturn retrograde and north node placed there. Saturn is referred to as a karmic planet, so this seems to be a good indication that there could be ties to past lives, as the planet is retrograde. North node is also karmic and placed in this house. The 7th house is represented by saturn. Because the 7th ruler is in the fifth, this is a good yes indication. Pluto retrograde in this house seems to imply that it is the correct house to use for indication, as pluto is about death and transformation. the retrograde might symbolize someone who has already passed. Saturn and pluto are in a mutual reception in the 5th and 7th - also a yes indication. Saturn and venus are making an applying opposition to one another - opposing forces, seperation of ideals. I also notice that the north node is applying in a trine to chiron, and chiron deals with healing wounds and spiritual growth. chiron also represents the bridge between the material/physical and the spiritual. chiron in pisces can deal with connections to both the collective unconsious and the extended families past link - remember, we are (or maybe only can be) tied to our dna, and we get that from family. so to me, this is pointing to a yes... but who knows, i have neptune in 3rd lol, if you come from a place of love, surely your daughter can let go of any unresolved issues and come out free of them and powerful.
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On a purely psychic basis, I'm getting a yes. I'm a newbie to astrology. I do holistic readings and I get a yes. Families usually incarnate within the soul family group.


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Usually it takes a lot more than a single one time opinion for that guy to be your daughter..
Lot more karma is required to be entangled with you for a soul to be your daughter.
There was a research done on kids who remembered their past life. On an average the rebirth takes place 4-11 months after the death, so this possibility on instant birth seems unlikely.


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Usually it takes a lot more than a single one time opinion for that ... to be your daughter..
... 4-11 months after the death, so this possibility on instant birth seems unlikely.
According to that time frame alone, it still a possibility.

The important thing: I have a healthy, bright, beautiful daughter, God has been merciful and kind with me.