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Hello everyone. My name is Donna. I am from the Midwest, U.S. i am a Capricorn with Capricorn rising and a Gemini moon, loaded first house.
Someone once told me that the Gemini moon was cursed, any thoughts as to why that might be?


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Welcome Donna.

I am an astrology rookie, but I would say that as Gemini is predominantly a thinking sign, perhaps there is a resistance to, or difficulty in expressing the emotionality of the moon. I would hesitate to render any position "cursed" though, your moon will be influenced by other aspects in your chart.


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Hello Donna. Welcome to the forums.

There is a lot of information available here. There is a search feature that will help you find more information about Gemini moon. Or simply post a chart for interpretation.

Nothing is 'cursed'. Some of the energies can be a little more challenging to work with. But it's the challenges in life that help to movtivate us to greater things.