Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part II - Seven Stars


Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part II - Seven Stars​

Saturn completes 2 sidereal cycles and 57 synodic cycles with 59 years.
It has retreating arcs of 7 degrees for 140 days.
Saturn is cooling and moderately drying, malefic, masculine and diurnal. Phainon makes those born under him dark-skinned, robust, black-haired, curly-haired, hairy-chested, and with eyes of moderate size, middling stature, having excess of cold and moist when morning rising, and dark, slender, small, straight-haired, with little bodily hair, rather graceful, black-eyed, having excess of cold and dry when evening rising, and in general, annoying, concealing, avaricious, ignorant, consistent, reserved, petty, malicious, having many anxieties, throwing themselves down, fond of solitude, deceitful, downcast, hypocritical, squalid, clothed in black, deviant, importunate, sullen and miserable. Saturn controls depressions and sluggishness, obstacles in business, interminable lawsuits, subversion of action, secrets, restraints, imprisonment, grief, accusations, tears, being orphaned, captivity, haunting, farmers, gardeners, workers of property, managers, seafaring and waterside trades, tax collectors, the elders, violent action, guardianship, great reputation, notable ranks, lands, administration of that which belongs to others, fathership of the children of others, bachelors, widows, childlessness, violent deaths by water, strangulation, dysentery, falling on the face, injuries and lower respiratory infections, the skeletal system, the lymphatic system and the immune system, building materials like wood and stone, lead, dark colours and astringent tastes. It chronocrator over late old age up to death.

Jupiter completes 6 sidereal cycles and 65 synodic cycles with 71 years.
It has retreating arcs of 10 degrees for 120 days.
Jupiter is heating and moderately moistening, benefic, masculine and diurnal. Phaethon makes those born under him light, of good colour, moderately curling hair, large eyes, tall, commanding respect, having excess of hot and moist when morning rising, and light, with lank hair, bald in the front and on the crown, with average stature, having excess of moist when evening rising, and in general, cooperating, distinguished, advising, truthful, beneficent, efficient and outgoing. Jupiter controls begetting of children, childbirth, faith, love, desire, alliance, knowledge, justice, friendship with great men, prosperity, payments, large gifts, abundance of profits, governments, honours, authority over temples, arbitration of disputes, brotherhood, fellowship, inheritances, adoption, fidelity, the livelihood of the father, confirmation of good things, deliverance from bad things, freedom, entrustments, treasures, stewardship, athleticism and zealotry, the reproductive system, the digestive system, the integumentary system, sacred objects, tin, brilliant colours and sweet tastes. It is chronocrator over early old age up to the 68th year.

Mars completes 42 sidereal cycles and 37 synodic cycles with 79 years.
It has retreating arcs of 16 degrees for 72 days.
Mars is burning and drying, malefic, masculine and nocturnal. Pyroeis makes those born under him red and white in complexion, tall, robust, gray-eyed, with thick hair, somewhat curly, having excess of hot and dry when morning rising, and red, of middle height, with small eyes, not much hair on the body, straight yellow hair, having excess of dry when evening rising, and in general, natural, grim, resourceful, passionate, drinking, turbulent, relentless, challenging and confident. Mars controls force, wars, robbery, screams, violence, the loss of property, whoring, banishment, exile, alienation from parents, captivity, corruption of women, abortions, sexual intercourse, the loss of good things, lies, vain hopes, violent theft, banditry, plundering, disputes between friends, wrath, fighting, verbal abuse, hatred, lawsuits, shouting, violent murder, slashing and bloodshed, attacks of fever, boils, burns, imprisonment, torture, courage, false oaths, wandering, decoration of clothing, excelling at villainy, those who work with fire and iron, artisans, masons, leadership, military service, high-ranking officers, soldiers, supremacists, hunting, wine, falling from heights and four-footed animals, poor vision, apoplexy and falling on the back, the muscular system, the urinary system, the lower gastrointestinal tract, weapons, iron, reddish colours and acid tastes. It is chronocrator over late adulthood up to the 56th year.

Sun completes sidereal cycles with 365.25636 days and anomalistic cycles with 365.25963 days.
Sun is heating and moderately drying, common, masculine and diurnal. Sun makes those born under him with brightness, fine figure and manly eyes, having excess of hot. Sun controls action, light, kingship, leadership, high priesthood, reputation, authority over the masses, high rank, the mind, motion, loftiness of fortune, dealings with the gods, judgement, providence, friendship, the father, public matters, honours consisting of images, statues and garlands, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the eyesight, especially the right eye, wheat and barley, gold, bright colours and bitter tastes. It is chronocrator over early adulthood up to the 41st year.

Venus completes 8 sidereal cycles and 5 synodic cycles with 8 years.
It has retreating arcs of 15 degrees for 40 days.
Venus is moistening and moderately heating, benefic, feminine and nocturnal. Phosphoros makes those born under her shapely, graceful, effeminate, with bright beautiful eyes, having excess of hot and moist when morning rising, and plump, luxurious, olive in complexion, having excess of moist when evening rising, and in general, admired, passionate, wealthy, gracious, outgoing and friendly. Venus controls desire, love, priesthood, public benefactors, wearing of golden crowns and ornaments, merriment, friendship, companionship, acquisition of additional property, buying maidens and ornaments, agreements on favorable terms, marriages, refined arts, pleasant sounds, music-making, sweet singing, beauty of form, painting, mixing of colours, embroidery, purple-dyeing, perfume making, inventors, the masters of crafts, working with gold and precious stones, haircutters, cleanliness, plays, the supervisors of markets, weights, measures, trades and shops, giving and receiving, laughter and rejoicing, order, aquatic animals, the livelihood of the mother, assistance from women, remarkable reputations, nourishment and pleasure, the olfactory system, the reproductive organs, the secondary sex characteristics, multi-coloured adornments, precious stones, golden colours and greasy tastes. It is chronocrator over youth up to the 22nd year.

Mercury completes 46 sidereal cycles and 145 synodic cycles with 46 years.
It has retreating arcs of 12 degrees for 20 days.
Mercury is alternating between moistening and drying, and common. Stilbon makes those born under it sallow, of moderate height, graceful, with beautiful eyes, moderately curling hair, having excess of moist when morning rising, and light, with straight hair and olive complexion, lean and spare, glancing brilliant eyes, somewhat ruddy, having excess of dry when evening rising, and in general, youthful and athletic, articulate, versatile, intelligent, tricky, busy, curious and efficient. Mercury controls law, intelligence, speech, reason, commerce, youth, education, writing, games, disputation, brotherhood, interpretation, messengers, numbers, calculation, geometry, deception, theft, community, exercise, service, profit, inventions, attendance, athletics, wrestling, hearing, declamation, certification, supervision, weighing and measuring, testing coins, versatility, critical thinking, judgement, marketing, banking, temple builders, modelers, sculptors, doctors, teachers, lawyers, orators, philosophers, architects, musicians, diviners, dream interpreters, sacrificers and augurs, astrologers, prophets, braiders, weavers, weight lifters, gamblers, mimes, sleight of hand, methodical work, military strategy, labour contracting, rhythmic performance, authority, luxury, renting, display of public service, irregular and disturbed outcomes with malefics, the vestibular system, the gustatory system, the auditory system, currency, copper, varied colours and pungent tastes. It is chronocrator over childhood up to the 14th year.

Moon completes sidereal cycles with 27.32166 days and anomalistic cycles with 27.55454 days.
Ascending Node completes retreating sidereal cycles with 18.61295 years.
Moon is moistening and moderately heating, benefic, feminine and nocturnal. Moon makes those born under her white, with fine figure, beautiful eyes, having excess of moist. Moon controls life, light, kingship, the household, high priesthood, affluence, gathering of the masses, foresight, the body, travel, fortune, appearance, outcomes, possessions, cohabitation, housekeeping, gains and expenditures, cities, assemblies, ships, the mother and the conception, the respiratory system, the upper gastrointestinal tract, the eyesight, especially the left eye, glass and reflection, silver, white colours and salty tastes. It is chronocrator over infancy up to the 4th year.

Sun rules day, Moon rules night, Jupiter and Venus are good, Saturn and Mars are bad, but these are so-held. For the Sun is not Predominator during day, nor is the Moon during night, when the Lightbringer is inoperative, while the other Light is operative. For the favorably placed malefics become moderately benefic, and the unfavorably placed benefics become moderately malefic.

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There are three surviving definition of void of course in Hellenistic astrology and they all state that the Moon is void of course (kenodromia) and they all require the Moon not making configuration* or completing a conjunction or any aspect within the next 30 degrees. Trine with Sun would cancel it.

*The authors appear to mean any kind of aspect (schema), but obviously this does not make sense with the latter part of the definition - both can't be true as the Moon can't never be void of course according to that definition. My personal hypothesis is that the original void of course was by whole sign exclusively and 30 degrees was meant in that context, but textual corruption made it work across signs.

I use what Dorotheus says, if neither the Sun or any of the planets is present in the same sign as the Moon or aspecting it through sextile, square, trine or opposition, it is void of course. Both considerations are very uncommon. For other definition read -

But why does void of course exist in the first place? It seems to be tied with the seven-zone system since the Moon is responsible for transmitting the influence of the upper six planets to the sublunar realm. Thus if the chain is broken with the Moon, the nativity endures hardship, poverty and undistinguished life.

The Indian yoga is quite different technically, even though the unfavorable prediction is similar.


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Planets aka Wandering Stars
Who was exactly naming these stars?

All of the planets as we speak of them today :smile:
were named after Greek and Roman gods and godesses.
approximately six thousand years ago
the wandering stars Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury
had different MESOPOTAMIAN/SUMERIAN names

NABU = Mercury today named after Roman god of travel.
INANNA/ISHTARE = Venus today named after Roman goddess of love and beauty.
NERGAL = Mars today named after Roman god of War.
MARDUK = Jupiter today named after king of the Roman gods
NINURTA = Saturn today named after Roman god of agriculture.


I updated the OP. I also made the following image to illustrate this cosmos. At the center lies the moistening Earth, around which the sphere of the zodiac, and the seven spheres carrying the seven stars revolve in circular and uniform motion. According to the opinion of some, this movement is concentric (Eudoxus, Aristotle, the Moors), according to Ptolemy and others it is uniform and eccentric.

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