Introduction of Ras:)


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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum. I'm 26 from the Netherlands and have been practising astrology for 13 years (half my life). It's 31-8-1981, Heerlen (NL), 17:50 CEDT for the interested.

Spent one half on self-study, other half in and out courses. In my professional life I am employed in the IT sector. Uranus in 10, don't ask;)

Anyways, nice to meet you all and see you around...


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Welcome to the forum. I looked at your chart, and it is a good one for an astrologer. I will be looking foreward to your posts.


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Welcome Ras!

I've been studying astrology since I was 13 as well, it's probably "lucky 13" we're dealing with I guess..

I hope you like it here.



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You have the same birthday as my husband! You are 4 years his senior though. Well, nice to meet you Ras. Why did you choose to study astrology?