Interpreting my Own Natal Chart


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First House (Pisces ASC): Pisces naturally petite/skinny. I can get very imaginative and dreamy. I am also getting into Witch magick or the occult

Second House (Aries): I usually go out and make money easily but I can easily spluge too much too. I can also make $$$ starting my own business but what business would that be?

Third house (taurus): I have three planets here. I did move out of state from the south to the west coast; I'm not close to the sibling; I may be good at public speaking/writing

Fourth House (Gemini): Looks don't matter to me, its intelligence and communication. I also like my place of living to be decorated really nice for me to feel really good

Fifth House (Cancer): I can be very creative and I do like babies but I don't want to have them.

Sixth House (Leo): As far as work goes, I will make a good manager because in work I have to be the one to LEAD. I should look out for my stomach health

Seventh House (Virgo): My moon is here. Emotional relationship with friends and a mate is important to me. I tend to criticize myself a lot and also when things don't go the way I want, I feel discouraged.

Eighth House (Libra): I may gain resources thru a mate/husband

Ninth House (Scorpio): Higher Education is important to me and so is getting into witchcraft and my spirituality and also overseas travel

Tenth House (Sagittarius): Mid heaven. Independence in a job is important to me

Eleventh House (Capricorn): I am loyal beyond measure but I always had a hard time keeping friendships. They never work out.

Twelve House (Aquarius): Mars. I tend to be very unique in my personality and don't follow conventional norms

If my mate's sun is in the 5th, 7th or 11 house, that will be my husband I guess. Thoughts?? This isn't full interpretation but its a start


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