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Lissa said:
Very interesting information about Einstein's chart!That Mercury in Aries conjunct Saturn is a weird combo.Mercury in Aries people are usually quick thinkers but Saturn(and particularly being in it's fall)represents delays so perhaps it took him longer to let his mental skills shine.

About the chart's imbalance,the first thing I noticed was that he only had one planet in a water sign.That planet hapenned to be the Sun,representing the Ego,which was in Pisces,a sign known for being selfless.Not only,the Sun was in the10th,the house of the career.I'm wondering what implications did this have in his life.

Sag_Moon,just a quick question.Is a planet considered combust or under the sunbeams when it fits the orb,but occupies a diferent sign than the Sun?Or are planets only considered combust/under the sunbeams when they're in the same sign as the Sun?

Oh yeah,memory.I have Moon conjunct Mercury and my photographic memory sucks:p .My brain uses words instead of images.There's always some type of "internal dialogue" going on in my head.I often forget people's faces,but never forget their names or their birth data:p .When I had a boyfriend-I went out with him and then next day I couldn't remember his face:confused: lool.


The sun in the 10th is generally considered fortunate in being famous and being in the public eye, and wow who doesn't know Einstein hes synonymus(sp?) with genius. It also gives a real drive for success and recognition. I just want to comment also on memory. Your a Pisces right? Surprising you cant visualise better. Anyway, ya i get that "chatterbox" in my mind as well have you tried meditating? I also constantly have a song stuck in my head, even right when i wake up... usually. I have just the opposite, i always remember faces but almost never people's names(which sucks!). Anyway enough about me. Do you find it easier to remember having and what you dreampt about more then most people?

I also find it very interesting how genius seems to occur with afflictions rather then favorable aspects. The whole being quirky and not fitting in reminds me of Aquarians again, although they often have many friends.


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Pixiequix,you're right,I completely forgot about his Ascendant:eek: .

Yes,I do tend to remember my dreams quite well,I never write them down but I can still remember dreams I had about8years ago or even more.I know this is going slightly off-topic,but,when I was younger,some of my dreams seemed so real that I just assumed they really happened,and it's a little bit embarassing to say it still happens sometimes(I'm16now):eek: .I believe it must have something to do with my Moon/Mercury conjunction squaring Uranus.Just a few months ago,I dreamed my mom told me we were going to visit my cousins,and when I asked her more details about the trip,she simply had no idea what I was talking about:rotflmao: .



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Lissa said:
Yes,I do tend to remember my dreams quite well,I never write them down but I can still remember dreams I had about8years ago or even more.I know this is going slightly off-topic,but,when I was younger,some of my dreams seemed so real that I just assumed they really happened,and it's a little bit embarassing to say it still happens sometimes(I'm16now):eek: .I believe it must have something to do with my Moon/Mercury conjunction squaring Uranus.Just a few months ago,I dreamed my mom told me we were going to visit my cousins,and when I asked her more details about the trip,she simply had no idea what I was talking about:rotflmao: .


Lol thats pretty strange, i have extreamly vivid dreams as well and i don't know the last time i didn't remember that i at least dreamed. Sorry this is off topic but it is interesting because my moon/jupiter squares Uranus as well and it is my asc ruler. Somtimes i think that i actually did something but then i realize the details make no logical sense... my dreams are odd to say the least. For a few weeks up untill recently i have almost always dreamed about strangers that i seemed to know and sometimes places i have never been. Anyway i wanted to point out the uranus square... interesting planet.


I'm still stuck with Einstein's chart, sorry about that :rolleyes: -- what do you think of his Sirius conj AC?


Sag Moon

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In my research of Einstien ,and it is only my opinion, look at Uranus in the 3rd Rx.

I have this in my chart. I had one person try to tell me that having a planet Rx is bad or afflicted. Having a planet Rx is not bad. It's a way of using the energy differently then the normal person would having it Direct.Stationary Direct planets are said to have an even more marked way in which they are used.

Anyway The bottom half of the chart is the personal sector with the first 3 houses coloring the persons life the most.

Having planets in any of these 3 houses will make the planets very focal in their make up.

The way I view Einstens chart is this way.

The only 2 planets below the horizon are Uranus and Moon. The Moon positioned in the 6th made him a workaholic in his case he was a scientist that worked on abstract math equations.Those with Me\Sa are masters at math if you did not know it.
Having that helped him along with it being in 10th with Pisces on the cusp with his sun and Neptune allowed him to visualise these abstract equations in a poneering way.Aires is a pioneeing sign. Genius is not always the creator,but rather looking at old problems in a new way.

Most people that are genius's are not known for being so.They create what was looked at before and look at it in a new way and then are promoted for being genius's for doing so.
True genius to me are those that invent something that was not known before and discover it totally being new.
We all posess marks of genius ,but rarley are known for what we find.

Back to Albert,he used what was known to physicist already and reformulated what they already knew.He cracked the code. He also visualised what he saw and knew it would work if the equation made sense IMO.

Edison was the same way.His discoveries came through trial and error. He kept trying till he found what worked then had to fight for people to listen and implement what he found to work.He had vision as to what could work.He was wrong about using DC to power homes,but his major achievements were the lightbulb and the phonograph.not bad for someone that was half deaf.

Then there was Alexander graham Bell who I think was true genius as no one had any conception of the telephone.

Another important aspect to Einstiens chart is Ur tr Ne which goes back to the visualization of what he saw could work. Not many take neptune as a revolutionary planet whereas they only see the negatives to it without considering that the dream of what can be comes through it also.

Me\Sa conj. always gives strong structual visulization and the ability for math. complex problems can be figured out by people with this aspect.
Architects,medical research and anything that can be hard for those that do not have patience to examine complex theories can use it for their chosen professions.

It just so happens that Uranus Rx gave Einstein the abiility to internally work with the hard equations that were known to others.he just so happened to figure them out before his collegues did.
Uranus in the 3rd also makes people eccentric and he was certainly known for being that also.A study of his early life is abound with eccentric behavior. I read his story long ago ,much I have forgotten.
Venus in Aries did not help with his conception of being a ladies man and in his domestic life.

I can relate to him due to having Can ASC,Ur/3rd,Mn 6th,Pi MC. I also know a few people that have Sa\Me conj. MC and they always had good acedemic abilities unlike myself as I am self taught.

I think of Rx planets as nothing more then being more internalized and giving them a different meaning than those that have them direct.that does not mean they are afflicted to me.

I have Ju Rx and one thing I have to agree with others is that we do not look at organized religion the way others do.They might even be considered eccentic because their views do not generally follow the rules of the norm. That in no way makes them makes them different.What discoveries come out of it is being that,different. OTOH if different means going out and rearranging a garden to look like something that is totally in dsiarray from the morm then that would be bizzar more then being different.
The prophets of the bible if they were here today would be considered as eccentric and madmen. They differed from the teachings of the oorganized religous teachers of their day.Some were even considered madmen. I always look to see weather my thoughts are inline with their wisdom just to make certain of my sanity anyway.

Had Einstien been born with Ur being direct he might never had internalized what he was looking at and came up with the solution to the problems he was looking at.

After discovering what he had he was able to force his findings upon the world by pushing them up through his palcements in the 10th to be known.

BTW Edison also had this ability,but his discoveries came in his home which was the Lab at menlo(?) Prk .He had a stellium that included Sa & Me in the 3rd with Ur in the 4th.His discovering was more of the Aquarius nature of thought which is for lack of a bettter discription analytical and dry.

AG Bell was also a Pisces inventor which also had a stellium in Pisces including Me/Sa in Pisces.Pisces is a very visual placement for planets.It has to do with vision also as in vision for the future or visulaizing things for an outcome.

Most people do not realize ,but in ancient times just having 2 planets in the same sign was considered a conjunction.In modern times they would have a better affinity for the planets to work together with cohesion.

I cannot think of a worst use of the Mn/Ju conjunction then Hitler has,but his was a very unusual chart filled with hatred and he used it for magnetism of his personality to forced on the world.3rd House again also.

On your question of Mn\Ju that usually does not have a mental but emotional implication for most,it matters what house placement and sign placements are. I have mn 24sag and Ju 2Deg. Cap and it's still a wide Conjunction that I notice.They are even in different houses 6th/7th and they work on both houses as I keep my Mn feeling personal ,but am outgoing in personality even though it's in Cap. Ju in Cap is in it's Fall ,but most having the placement do not complain about lack of fortune. I do not believe in luck. It was pointed out to me by someone that studied the bible that there is no such thing.There is fortunate action though,.

Lastly your question concerning an out of sign conjunction.They would still considered to be what the rules are. Combust id they are that close.They would just add a different lgiht of the signs involved.Even if they were in different houses.

remember also that is a planet is close enough to being into the next house it shall have an influence to that house.The rules are usually 6Deg. and if the Sn or Mn are involved that can be stretched as far as influence.It will have an affinity for both houses,but these might not be accepted by those that also study astrology.

All charts are different and all formations are different. You need to see what the influence of the whole is.

One chart I studied recently it would have been overlooked that the subject had a Kite formation if the Moon's orb was not widened.

The rules are not written in sstone for astrology and the whole and the influence must be looked at closer. having a planet a few minutes to a few agree's off does not mean the the aspect will not play a part in the subjects life.

I have wide aspects in my chart that are felt. You cannot dimiss some of the aspects or influences.

There are plenty of people that are born eith an over emphasis of elements. we all have the elements on the cusp so we all have the elements in our make up.We strive to make up for whatever element we lack in our make up.We work harder on that element I thought.

Hope that answers your questions.Sirus I have no info on
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Hello, all! I'm new to your forum.

This is a topic of great interest to me because I have a genius IQ, (143 for what it's worth). I want to submit myself as a "case study." Trust me on this, I'm not "tooting my own horn!" LOL! I'm not "famous," or of any noteriety at present. I'm pretty much a "bohemian musician" and an aspiring writer with a serious lack of discipline! Hahahha! No, I just wanted to offer up my chart configuration for your amusement and analysis.

Mercury in Libra at 21 degrees exactly conj the 9th house cusp
Jupiter in Pisces at 4 degrees retrograde in the 1st, sesquidadrant Mercury and Mars
Mars in Cancer at 19 degrees in the 6th house square Mercury, sesquiquadrant Jupiter
Uranus in Virgo at 2 degrees in the 7th, opposition Jupiter
Moon is in Cancer at 23 degrees in the 6th, conj desc at 26 degrees, and square Mercury
Mercury is parallel Jupiter and contraparallel Uranus
Saturn is in Aquarius at 5 degrees retrograde in the 1st, no aspects to Mercury, but widely conj Capricorn ascendant at 26 degrees, and widely trining sun at 29 degrees Virgo in the 8th


Well, these are my "genius" aspects. Make of them what you will. I've lived pretty much on a razor's edge, as far as income, (Pisces 2nd influence?) My mind is in search of continual stimulation. I have a degree in professional writing and graduated cum laude, though I never finished high school! LOL! My kindergarten teacher wanted to flunk me and called me quote, "retarded, for lack of a better word." I was kicked out of Blue Birds for being too "wayward and uncontrollable." In third grade I was nearly flunked again due to my grades being all D's and F's. I never did my homework and didn't care about tests. I eventually developed a semi-interest in my studies, but was always daydreaming and tuning out. I never made "good grades" in my entire educational experience prior to the last 3 years of college. I think that was more due to my turbulent home life. My parents fought alot.

My natural talents are in music, art, and creative writing. My scholastic aptitudes are in science, math, and psychology. I chose to major in an English field because I tend to be a bit too hasty in my writing and leave out the most important pieces of information, believing that "everyone already knows that!" Hahahaha! Wrong! So basically, being severely critiqued by my professor and peers was a very good thing to teach me to write all of my thoughts that lead me to "thus and such" conclusion so my readers could appreciate my writing more.

Anyway,... there you go, astrologers! Enjoy!

For anyone interested in the "whole chart," here is my birth info:

9/22/62 3:35 P.M. Columbus, OH

P.S. I have NO FIRE SIGN planetary placements except for the north node in Leo in the 7th house. And I have only 3 Cardinal planets by sign: moon, Mars, Mercury. But angular houses seem to be emphasized: Saturn and Jupiter in the 1st, moon conj 7th, north node, Uranus, and Pluto in the 7th, and Venus conj the 10th from the 9th.
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Hi everyone!

Sag_Moon,thanks for the explanation(and all that interesting info on the charts of Einsten/Bell,etc).I really liked some of the things you said-about Retrograde planets in particular,and about astrology not having stricted rules,I really agree with you on that one.I happen to have the same 7th house Retrograde Jupiter(mine being in Leo),and I find it so odd when I read the descriptions about Jupiter Rx,saying the planet expresses itself in a inward,internalized manner.Those descriptions simply don't fit me-I do express my Jupiterian energies in a very outwardly manner,and my beliefs are very different from those of the people who surround me.That's what's so tricky about natal astrology-everyone expresses the energies in their chart in a different way,which is why you have so many different people being born around the same type.I used to know a boy who was born around the same time as me,in the exact same hospital-our mom's gave birth to us with few minutes difference,and I simply never got along with him lol.


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Well your chart is highly integrated with a plethora of hard aspects. Interesting how your mercury makes only hard aspects to the regular planets yet you are so IQ intelligent and a proficient writer. However, your mercury in the 9th house is a good placement IMO and it is conj the star Spica which is a star that imbues brilliance. You most likely learn very quickly. Libra is a good placement for Mercury and it is one of your ruling planets(or Chiron arguably). The Pluto/Uranus conj was also very powerful, and opposing Jupiter and Chiron... not sure the implications of this without futher research. There are probably more aspects/placements that contribute to your intelligence those are just the things i noticed right away.


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I have

Uranus Trine Sun
Uranus Trine Mercury
Uranus Trine venus
Uranus Trine Mars
Uranus trine Jupitar
Uranus conj saturn
Uranus trine ascendent

the flashes of intuion can create huge panic attacks in me if I don't do something about it

I also have uranus and neptune in the 9th and a grand trine involving uranus in 9th, mars in 1st and mercury in 5th
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Great article! I can say with Mercury in Aqua (conjunct chiron) opposition Uranus in Leo that it is SO true - I flippantly say things that cause opposition!

I see things pretty instantly, however don't pay attention to total surroundings. 'Egg in my face' - I've had that several times before.

Biggest lesson in my life that I have the MOST difficult time with is to keep my mouth SHUT more often than not. The positive side of this planetary combo is true humanitarianism. I care for the underdog and will step out of line when I see a wrongdoing. I don't even give it a second thought. Blessings, tb


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Although Uranus-Mercury and Saturn-Mercury combinations tend to share a commonality in that both love to critique and judge, there the commonalty ends.

Yeah, so what happens if you are *both* Uranus-Mercury and Saturn-Mercury then (I have Uranus conjunct Mercury and Saturn sextile Mercury)?

I also have Mercury in Scorpio quintile Jupiter, semi-square Venus and square MC :)


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Mikey,that was a very interesting article on Mercury!I couldn't help blushing:eek: a little when I start reading the part about people not giving Mercury much atention..Mercury is one of the most powerful elements in my chart-is in it's home house(3rd)and it's one of the most aspected planets:conjunct the Moon,trine Jupiter,sextile Saturn,square Uranus/Neptune,square the Ascendant and in mutual reception with Mars(making a quintile to the planet if you want to look at minor aspects).Still,I have ignored Mercury in most of my astrological "studies"...

Yes,I'm interesting to know what happens when you have both the Mercury/Jupiter and the Mercury/Saturn or the Mercury/Saturn and the Mercury/Uranus or the3combined like me!:p lol

How has this played out for me?Well,people usually tell me I'm good at writing and I've won a couple of poetry contests in my school.I'm far from being a genius but I know I'm not "stupid",and the last(and first lol)time I had a IQ test(at ages12/13),the result was nothing amazing but it was above the average.
Interesting thread and articles!

I have Mercury in Pisces: This gives me a sensitive mind, and sometimes an unfocused mind. I like to visualise and this is how I tend to think. Sometimes when I am reading, I can suddenly slip into a daydream but carry on reading and I have missed a whole page out. I have to start again and make sure I pay attention to what I am reading.

I have been thinking lately about applying and separating aspects. I think my applying aspects which Mercury forms are still in the process of learning, I am still currently learning and developing these aspects in my life now. The separating aspects I have developed these in past lifetimes. My Separating Squares are well developed but not in a positive flowing way, more work needs to be done. Just a theory, and as you can tell It isn't well thought out :rolleyes: . I will probably change my mind on it if it doesn't work out. I have a mutable Mercury sign. Always changing my mind.

My Mercury Conjuncts Moon (Separating aspect) Apparently unresolved emotional problems can get in the way of clear thinking. Which is true for me my emotions are complex. Once I deal with my emotions my mental powers can be released and increased according to my Astrology book. :p

My Mercury is Square to Neptune: (Separating Aspect) Lots of fantasy prone thoughts, it is hard to make myself clear at times with this aspect. I am terrible with Geography I get lost going to the local shops.

My Mercury Trine Uranus in the 3rd (Separating Aspect) this is one of my favourite aspects in my chart. This aspect helps me out mentally from my Mercury/Neptune. It is intuitive and is great for metaphysical studies.

My Mercury is in an applying trine to Jupiter in the 11th house - When I was younger, I wouldn't say I had a well developed intellect, this aspect can excel at law, journalism, publishing. It is supposed to help with intelligence. I would say I am still working on improving my intellect. My mind has improved with age and I am better at understanding subjects, but I wouldn't say I could completely master a subject, but I do have a love of learning especially Astrology, and spiritual or psychological subjects. I adore all these types of reading. But was never a big reader until I was about 26 years old. I have enjoyed expanding my mind, it gives me confidence to learn new words, and subjects. I don't feel like a dumb Pisces. It helps me gain an understanding of myself a whole lot more, Jupiter is trine my Chart ruler. I still think this aspect is going to be in development for the rest of my lifetime. Maybe in my next lifetime, I can be one of you brainiacs :p. I will be a right intellectual snob.:D

P.S My Mercury/Jupiter is also an out of sign aspect so it is not a pure element trine but combines Jupiter, Leo self-expression, and Knowledge and Mercury , Pisces - spiritual thinking.

I have the Carter Astrological Indications for intellectual ability, but I wouldn't say it had anything significant. I will post it later.


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Mercury in aspect to Mars is the quick thinker able to 'think of their feet' - the expert at the quick repartee

Mercury in aspect to saturn enable methodical thinking which can get that project done well. But like any saturn aspects as some stage we may feel we have to 'prove' our ability or even self question or even see the negative side.

Saturn in aspect to Pluto is the deep thinker who can tune into what is hidden - good for linking obsure items to make sense of something, but can see the shadow where none exist.

So yes there are three and I guess one could look at Saturns aspect to see where we could excel in career.


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I have to say the Moon/Mercury conjunction(applying, in my case)is one of my favourite aspects in my birth chart.It makes it easy for me to put myself on other people's shoes.I don't need to be in a situation to know how does it feel.With the square to Neptune(applying,too),this aspect expresses itself in my poetry,mostly.I don't need to be depressed to write the most sad,heart-breaking poem you have ever read.My disposition is usually quite cheerful(Moon trine Jupiter),but I have a little notebook with all my poems and most of them sound very sad.My teachers say I sound like a totally diferent person in my writing.Anyone who reads my poems would probably think I'm in serious need of psychological help loool.
Hi Lissa,

My Moon/Mercury is applying, my aspect is very tight not much orb, I put separating aspect instead of applying in my post :rolleyes:. I also have a Moon Trine Jupiter, this aspect it is applying by about 7 degrees. I like my My Moon/Mercury aspect too. I used to write poetry when I was young, quite deep poetry, I was going through a rough period. I don't write poetry any more. I used to write in a diary. About experiences in school, and about a girl I hated. I hid the diary in the loft upstairs at the top of the house, behind a little wall. I wrote it years ago but I DON'T want anyone to find it as it is embarrassing for someone to read what I wrote and how I felt back then. It was 12 -14 years ago I was still a teenager.

My mum's boyfriend has being going up in the loft looking about, I hope to god he does not find the diary. He has such a big mouth he will be telling everyone, what is written in it. But I could not help writing my feelings down in this diary. I forgot to get the diary when I left home. I might have to break into my mum's house to get the diary back. :D

I can pour my feelings out in to writing, I just don't want my family or my Mother's boyfriend to read it.
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I can really empathize with you,Shining_Ray:).

I used to keep a diary too..well lots of diaries.Mostly about my experiences with boys(and about a very "special" boy in particular,who has been causing me lots of headaches ever since I was around13;) )and just my feelings about life in general.I stopped writing in it about two years ago.I had a very troubled relationship wth my diary-I wrote in it,re-read it all over again and the things I wrote made me feel so stupid that I just ripped off pages of it-like I was ashamed of my own feelings(in fact,I was,and I still am).My Moon/Jupiter trine has a1º52'orb and I have to say the way I act is deeply influenced by this aspect-I'm usually so happy-go-lucky that I rarely allow people to see me down.I rarely allow myself to be sad for a while or even cry,and some of the things I wrote in my diaries sounded so harsh and desesperate that I just thought"Wow,is this me?This can't be me!"so I just threw the pages in the trash can.

Well,I still keep my diaries(in a shoebox in my room).Although I'm afraid of opening them again,I'm planning on burning them someday.I really think you should break into your mom's house and get your diary back:D lol.Diaries are a very personal thing,and you can get very embarased if your diary ends up in the wrong hands-I'm talking from my personal experience:eek: .When I was11,my dad once found a little page where I had written some of my thoughts-it wasn't a diary,but I wrote very personal stuff in it,mostly about my complexes.Not only did he tell the entire family about it,he also made fun of it:( .Well,I'm16now and he still talks about it and makes fun of it.


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Errr..I know this thread is pretty much dead but I've been thinking about this later...
..what shows the mind's ability to work with numbers?

I seem to be alergic to everything that involves numbers,numerology included:p .


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I think that possibly Saturn combined with Mercury would allow one to accel in math... not sure since my Saturn is relativly weak and i am alright at math. Saturn giving the mind a careful and methodical processing. I have noticed that Mercury in a cardinal sign (especially Cappy) can be very well placed. Steven hawking's Mercury is in Capricorn(with a grand trine involving Uranus!) Einstien's in Aries, and Tesla's in Cancer. I think any strong connection to Neptune would cause one to be less proficient in math. Not sure though... many factors bear this out. A more Neptunian mind is just so visual math CAN JUST SUCK really bad... lol sorry but i hate math. It does help with visualising equations and doing work in one's head.
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