Inspired by an eclipse on natal Mars/node: life changer?


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It's been a long time since I posted anything, but this post was inspired by the Solar eclipse of 22-jul conjuncting my natal Mars/Node (7). By natal chart you can probably see that it isn't easy for me to attract relationships; if by my slightly offbeat nature only (lol).

I've been single now for about 6 years. I've had a very disappointing experience January last year, that coincided with Tr. Jupiter square Venus - but showed disturbing contacts between Neptune and Mercury in the meeting chart (in short: lies/ distortion of the truth). Since then I refused to take steps to do things to meet guys and I really don't feel like taking any steps at all very soon. I've had to take the initiative all my life and I'm quite tired of doing so.

Now it's time for Jupiter to trine my stellium in the 8th house from the 1st house. Since end of December I've been experiencing a "something goods going to happen" feeling without rational explanation. I've tried to come up with something in my chart that would theoretically hold up or explain that feeling; and I've come up with the ASC/DESC axis (relationships) as the explanation. This feeling I'm having lately, is of life-changing proportions, not of something that's going to bring me some moderate joy where I am. But something really radical.

Here's some of the arguments:
- Celeste Teal offers examples of women finding their life-mate after an Eclipse to their Natal Mars in her book eclipses. Next to the eclipse of 22-jul the eclipse of 31st of december 2009 will fall conjunct my DESC. When looking at my personal history, maybe eclipses have a substantial impact. My last relationship began in 2000, coinciding with Saros 117, 124 and going bad with Saros 114 in 2001.
- Without major transit to Venus no love. While some people don't need outer planet transitions to Venus, I need a somewhat close to "a storming of the castle". I'm hoping Tr. Jupiter trine Venus will provide that for me. If not this one, there's another big transit going on which may have effect in this area: Tr. Pluto square Moon. It will still take some time to get to my ascendant, but it's active this year. As you can see Moon is the ruler of Cancer (my DESC).
- My 2008 & 2009 solar return show interesting positions of Venus as well of which 2009 shows a foreign topic.
- My venus return that start 12th of september last year looks promising. Venus/Mars/Mercury stellium in the 1st house.
- The next venus return (27-10-09) shows very good aspects between Venus in the 9th house and Moon/Jupiter.

Now as an addition I went to see the lunar returns for the moment when Venus and Mars would transit over the 29 degree point of the eclipse. I've rarely seen such signficant and outspoken lunars; especially the august 2009 one.

What do you think? Am I on to something?

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