Inside a degree position of the outer planets


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Uranus , Neptun and Pluto have always been a problem or mystery in terms of sign placement . these planets spend many years in each sign so you can not realy say their sign is important in natal astrology . That is why i decided (because we analyze astrology) to check Uranus inside the degree and the result was very intresting : I checked in astroseek more then 20 of the most popular astrologers for Uranus placement . I take the degree and cut it to 12 small zodiac signes of 5 minutes each so the first 5 minutes of the degree will be the sign of aries beteewn 5 and 10 minutes is Taurus and so on the last 5 minutes is pisces and the result was that almost all of them had their Uranus in segments of 5 minutes related to scorpio (between 35-40) , capricorn(45-50) , and Aquarius (50-55) and in this 3 signs Uranus is most dignified .
I did not check the other 2 ( Neptun and Pluto) with many charts but i think the same story with them . The outcome is that most of leading astrologers have Essentially dignified
Uranus in interdegree placement . Uranus in avarage spends about a week in every 5 minutes segment so very quickly changes it's zodiac sign and he is not as slow as it looks . On the global level he is very slow but on personal level he is as quick as a lightning . A mutual reception here probably works as well . For example if we have Uranus in between 20 to 25 minutes corresponding to leo and sun in Aquarius it's a mutual reception
and both the Sun and Uranus become stronger .
It is important to add that because for example Neptun spends about half a year in every degree even the degree is not good enough to describe the essencial dignity of Neptun and that is why i decided to go inside the degree and check what happens there . The sun spends 30 days in each sign so it is logical that the outer planets will spend about 30 days or abit more or less
in their inter degree zodiac placement .
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