Indicators of "Type A Personality"


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According to ,

In some psychological theories, the Type A personality, also known as the Type A Behavior Pattern, is a set of characteristics that includes being impatient, excessively time-conscious, insecure about one's status, highly competitive, hostile and aggressive, and incapable of relaxation.[1] Type A individuals are often highly achieving workaholics who multi-task, drive themselves with deadlines, and are unhappy about the smallest of delays. Although they may exhibit some or all of these characteristics, it does not mean that people with the type A personality are incapable of showing love, affection or other types non-pessimistic behavior. Many are also capable of "couching" some of these behavior attributes with proper treatment and medication. Those who do not seek treatment have been described as stress junkies, and often display some of the following characteristics:
  1. An intrinsic insecurity or insufficient level of self-esteem, which is considered to be the root cause of the syndrome. This is believed to be covert and therefore less observable.
  2. Time urgency and impatience, which causes irritation and exasperation.
  3. Free floating hostility, which can be triggered even over little incidents.[2]
I'm afraid that this describes my behaviour/personality as of late. At least the impatience, irritation and anger part of it. It only seems to be getting worse and I'm getting worried. I'm having less and less patient and easily fly off the handle, namely with my family and some of my friends. Ive come to the point where I just hang up the phone or leave because Im so steaming I will blow.

And when Im driving I can have some major road rage. Im worried Im going to hurt myself, or maybe someone else. God forbid.

Natally I have Mars conjunct Sun, Mecury, MC, and opposite Jupiter. But my issue only seems to be getting worse im afraid.

Transit wise I have tr Uranus conjunct my Moon, opposite Saturn, trine Uranus. trJupiter is opposite my Asc and tr Mars is conjunct my Asc in the 1st house.

In my progressed chart, my moon just moved into Aries at 1 deg 45 min. Mars is at 0 deg 22 min Pisces. But I have Cancer Asc at 7 deg (square aries moon), as well as Sun and Mercury at 9 deg and 24 deg Pisces respectively. Im very watery, so why do I feel so firey?

Please feel free to put up any other possible astrological indicators of a sort of "type A" personality. And if you suffer from it yourself, how do you handle it?


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Hi Starnur, from looking at what you describe it does not amaze me at all why you are now more "fiery" than usual. The natal planet positions already show a very impulsive, restless and prone to irritation person. Sun/Mars culminating is no.1 and indeed shows an accident prone type of person, so be as careful as you can (with knives in the kitchen, hot boiling water and accidents in connection with sharp instruments and the head). Now it depends a lot upon the sign your Sun is in and where it's ruler is placed, because it is there where you will outlive those energies. Jupiter enlarges everything, so also your impulsiveness, your anger, your impatience etc. and now it is also opposing your Ascendant, so what else can we expect!!
Why is it worse than ever now? Your transiting Uranus is conjunct your moon, you want nobody on your neck, emotional freedom is the keyword here and you go about it the wrong way probably because Uranus and Moon do not mix well. The emotions get extreme and worse because you are frustrated by that opposition to Saturn who tells you "Stop". This makes you angry because you cannot stop at the moment, you are very much excited and action orientated. Why?? Because your progresse Moon entered Aries. Here we get a Mars/Moon picture again. Moon in Aries is very impulsive indeed and all this is activating that natal Aries Moon squaring your Ascendant which is ruled by that Moon. You are now feeling like that because your Moon is getting an extra cick because not only natally he is in Aries, now he is also progressed in Aries! And because the Moon is really not at home in Aries, it works out negatively.On top of everything else, transiting Mars is conjunct your Ascendant (thank God not Progressed Mars, that would have taken longer) so it is ALL about Mars/Aries at the moment, enlarged by Jupiter. No wonder you are feeling like firework about to explode. You will have to be really careful not to overdo things. I dont think you are a A-Type personality. They usually are on a subconscious suicide mission, doing extreme sports like extreme mountain climbing, parachute jumping, Bungy jumping, car racing and dont care whether the weather is good or bad sort of thing. They like to risk their lives, almost on purpose it seems. Are you like that? I dont think so, because you would have been ALWAYS like that, not just recently. I think this aggressive period will last for the time the Moon is in the first 10 degrees ( decanade) of Aries. The progressed Moon moves around 1° a month, so I reckon that between 8 and 10 month time, you will start feeling calmer again.
Saturn just entered Virgo, so hopefully he can put a break on your Moon a bit. (where is he natally?). Take deeeeeep breath, all the time as soon as you feel that anger and irritation come up. Throw yourself on physical exercise, great for letting off steam. You will feel better soon! Cheers,Star.


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Coffee, dont worry, Type A does not mean Type Aries. There are type A and B people. This is a psychocological term for a certain type of phenomena in people.

Arian Maverick

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The "Type A personality" fits an Arian pesonality (the good bits of it)

My mother used to joke that since I am the offspring of two type-A personalities, I was an A+--and I would always respond that I was either an a-squared or 2a depending upon whether one used multiplication (axa=a^2) or addition (a+a=2a). Such a Type A answer, isn't it? :rolleyes:

I don't necessarily agree that only the "good bits" of the Aries personality are Type A; at least, I've never considered impatience to be one of an Arian's better traits, and Type A personalities seem to possess quite a bit of impatience--especially for themselves. However, I don't think such personalities are generally as reckless as a stereotypical Arian can be, although they possess tunnel-vision in extreme cases and can become obsessed with achievement. The A could easily stand for ambition, which Arians often possess in great measures; however, this ambition may be applied in different areas.

Arian Maverick


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I think a loads and loads of cardinal energy in one's chart can contribute to this.I wholeheartdly agree that the type A personality seems to have much in common with the typical Arian traits but Cancer,Lubra and Capricorn do also possess their levels of anxiety.Unlike other signs,cardinal anxiety is aroused by the lack of action,the urge to get things moving.Maybe1st house(personality) squaring 10th house planets(career),or maybe a tsquare with the apex planet on the10th could do the trick.


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Interesting description of Type A personality in Wikipidia, Starnur. It immediately brought to mind someone I knew way back who had indeed an Aries Ascendant, but also was saddled with a tight Mars-Pluto square. Pluto was on the same degree as his Mercury, so this person's aggressiveness manifested itself in a lot of cutting verbal dressing-downs of people he deemed to have offended him.

As far as your situation - I am pretty new here, and I have been reading a little bit in the posts here and there, and one of them that caught my eye was one you had started last year, I think, about Saturn in the 5th house of romance. I read this thread with great interest since I have this in my own chart, and I was struck by your level of anger in those posts. It was, to me, quite palpable, to the point that I felt uncomfortable. I hope it doesn't offend you when I say this but from the feeling I got reading your posts in that thread you seemed precisely the kind of person who does what you are describing you are doing now. In other words, it was all there last year, and I suspect, for many years.

And I myself have been realizing lately (well, it has been brought to my attention, let's put it that way) that my own behavior is really becoming outrageous too. I do fly off the handle more easily than ever, and I don't always even notice how inappropriate it is. I am seething with anger right now, a lot of it having to do with my personal complicated situation at this moment, and my consequent feeling of powerlessness. But much of it can probably be related to Saturn in 5th which has been described so aptly in that chapter someone kindly posted from Liz Greene's book on Saturn. It describes me to a T. If you add enough decades of feeling that way, your are virtually guaranteed to have a lot of anger. I don't know your age, or anything about you, but resolving your Saturn issues is something you might want to look into.

I don't have time to go back right now and look at that thread, but someone posted something that almost made me laugh. I am not saying it was you, it could be someone else, but she or he said, and I am paraphrasing heavily, "I don't expect any nurturing from my father anymore, I just want him to .. " and then proceeded to give a small laundry list of all the things she expects her father to do, things he has never been known to do in his entire life. HELLO??!! This really begs for a reality check: none of that is going to happen, and expecting it means one hasn't moved on yet. But moving on is crucial, and dwelling on old stuff deadly.

I see it with my own parents. There is nothing to be expected of them, emotionally speaking, and anyone in our type of situation should make peace with it. Surround yourself with people that can nurture you. Stay away from guys that only reinforce your feelings of worthlessness. Get a dog. Those are all things I can recommend, and that I know work.

ceres76, still grieving and coping


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My Sun is in Aquarius, located in the 10th house, and my Sun/Mars/Mercury and Jupiter positively aspect my Ascendant.

I was fairly accident prone and had my share of bruises and scars when I was younger.

You're right about Uranus conjunct Moon. My home situation is killing me. Ive overstayed my welcome. I wasn`t meant to stay in the town I was raised and went to school in. This is quite evident for anyone who takes a look at my chart. Lots of Aquarius, Mutuable Signs with Venus and Neptune in Sag. Saturn just left my 4th house too! You`d think I`d learn by now...guess I`m a slow learner.

BTW, I have a natal Pisces Moon. That`s probably why Im so taken aback by my temper and impatience. If I had a natal Aries Moon I may not think twice about it being such a big issue, or feeling guilt over it:confused: Can anyone attest to thisÉ

Thanks starlink, I can feel a calmer period coming right around the corner. It all depends on when I get that darn visa...any day now!

Interesting bits of information Arian Maverick and Lissa. Yes cardinal signs or houses would make sense!


omgish you could tell I was angry in all those posts? I was trying my level best not to let that show. I started that thread in the spring of this year so it wasn`t too long ago.

I`m not offendend by your reaction. Nothing personal!

I`ll give LG another look, although Im not a big fan of her line of thinking I`ve tried to experiment with her interpretation of Saturn a few times in the past.

If you dont mind me asking, what 5th house Saturn issues are you still grieving over?

Hahaha, I wouldnt be surprised if i wrote that I dont expect any nurturing from my father but wrote a list of what he should improve on. LOL!

I dont know what culture you come from, but in mine the family is important. Even if our family annoys the hell out of us we have to be there for them. Maybe thats my Jupiter in Leo 4th house speaking. Thats probably why Ive stuck with my parents for so long....too long. Im afraid to leave my mother because her health is poor and only deteriorating, but her outbursts lately have me wanting to live on the opposite ends of the earth from her. And father dearest well I do learn alot from him. He is a smart man (Jupiter conj Merc in Sag) and is where I get my good brains from. ;) I guess my thirst for knowledge outweighs my annoyance of him more times than not.

I dunno why I feel my parents are so dependent on me. Gosh I think they can do more than alright with out me. I hope.



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Wow I think I have indicators too , (Cap stellium in 4 (Ven-Mars-Sun-Merc) and (sat)5th? 5th house Jup sq Scorp moon(2nd)?) But that Scorp moon turns it inward for me & makes me feel horrible over the worst thoughts & hate myself more on top of it! its a vicious cycle. I get mad & impatient & then I hate myself for being mad & impatient. Is there a drug? Please universe, bring a transit!

Arian Maverick

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BTW, I have a natal Pisces Moon. That`s probably why Im so taken aback by my temper and impatience. If I had a natal Aries Moon I may not think twice about it being such a big issue, or feeling guilt over it Can anyone attest to this

Nah, that's not necessarily true; I have an Aries Moon conjunct my Ascendant and although I am prone to being impatient in certain circumstances, I usually feel guilty whenever I express anything but understanding and compassion--or at the very least, tolerance--towards other people.

I believe the Moon sign indicates our natural emotional state, but as you have described in your most, we may find certain feelings and behaviors "acceptable" and others "unacceptable" depending upon the values or the culture or family we has been raised in; if these values conflict with our natural characteristics, we may feel guilt and attempt to will ourselves to adopt more accepted behaviors as our own until we can no longer tell the difference between what is inherent in our astrological makeup and what is fabricated by ourselves or our society.

For example, in many societies, impatience is regarded as something "bad" or sinful--especially in women--so I have attempted to diminish this aspect of my Aries stellium to become more accepted and socially appropriate.

However, there are truly no "bad" emotions, and suppressing occasional flare-ups of temper and impatience may result in exaggerated demonstrations later in life, when this natural part of our personalities attempts to make its presence known. I believe we would all do well to acknowledge and accept these aspects of ourselves instead of expending so much of our energy denying their existence. We are all human, and emotions are one of our grandest gifts, for they provide a connection to the more subtle energies around us. If we feel lower--not bad--emotions, we should examine our external and internal environments to learn the cause of these lower vibrations. In this way, the feelings are acknowledged and we can more easily let them go if the energies do not suit where we wish to go or how we wish to feel.

Now, if only I can apply these teachings in my own life! :rolleyes:

As always, take what fits and leave the rest.

Arian Maverick
I have a Pisces Moon square Neptune, if someone is nasty towards me I tend to keep quiet at first, and then probably cry :rolleyes: but then get really angry like I am going to explode. But then I still push the anger back down, must be my Saturn in 1st. My Pisces/7th house planets don't help with my assertiveness. I am probably the opposite to type A personality but then I do have a highly competitive side which I cover up. I have Sun Conjunct Mars, Mars square Uranus, and Saturn in 1st. I have read that the Moon profile is like the woman's conscious personality and the man's Sun profile is his conscious personality.

It depends some women do express there Sun's more no matter how they are perceived which is good and even in toady's world a lot more men are becoming more nurturing and expressing their emotions. I am expressing my Sun and Mars a lot more than I did when I was younger, I was completely weak back then or believed I was. I currently have my progressed Moon going through Aries/8th, only last night I reacted angrily about the way my partner's sister was abusing her children. Kind of swore and called her a few names, I hate the way I can't speak up at times but feel really mad at the same time. Maybe the progressed Moon in Aries brings up the need to express anger especially for Moon Pisces or Moon Neptune's, probably Moon Libra's as well who might not always stick up for themeselves or put themselves first you get to experience what it is like to be assertive you kind of react more quickly under this Moon, which can be a good thing for people who are always keeping their anger locked up like me. I have my Moon in Pisces in 7th double whammy of not being assertive with too much of a need to keep everything balanced not that I am an angel I have my devilish side too. :D


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Hi Arian Maverick, thanks for responding to my question. My sister has an Aries Moon too (and so does my mother I think). My Gem sister's pretty martian with Sun conjunct Mars opposite Jupiter/Uranus, and she is compassionate and tolerant as you say. She gets over things pretty quickly.

When Im stressed and dont have time for myself im esp impatient, and deal out flare-ups galore. The way some people are also tees me very selfish, unthoughful people for one. Here's an example (maybe a few): If someone tries to sneak and bud in a line in front of me, I am will target that person, tell them off and try to (in my head, will) get them out of the line. Im not passive at all. Something like this happened last weekend and I started a fight. Another lady took my spot in a gas station. When she went in to pay I told her off in the line in front of everyone. Simple stuff like that ticks me off. I also get angry when people wrongfully accuse me of things, label me a certain way or say things about me that arent true. Some people are tactful and can keep there composure about it...And yeah I can do that too...the first and maybe the second time around. But if it happens again I'll give them hell on earth...until I realize I have better things to do with my time.

My family fights alot!! I swear it's in our genes. (Jupiter in Leo/IC and the oppositions to it). Im not afraid to argue with my parents. I did that every day as a teen, and still do once in a while. I do feel guilty every so often because sometimes I go too far. Heres another example...a few weeks ago I was driving my parents and I missed the road we were supposed to take in the back roads. It was late and night time mind you so I wasnt full paying attention, and Im an absentminded Aqua afterall, whos got a million other better things to think about than what what road I have to turn on. :p Anyhoo my father the back seat driver let me know I missed the road. He didnt just tell me I missed it, he had to tell me I cant comprehend things and that Im careless. Then to try to make it not sound so bad he then said, StarNur, you may be smart in alot of things but how can you not know the way home by now. He seriously thought I didnt know where I was going, even though I took that road with him soo many times before. I called him on that one. So then he told that Im careless. Omg. its late, had a stressful day, you can barely make the street signs out in the back roads because there are not street lights. what the hay. So I lost it! And then I stopped the car and told him to walk home (hehe like he did to me soo many times when I was kid). Well he didnt get out so I kept driving. Then he proceeded to lecture me and make me feel guilty about how Im talking to him. I told him I only learn from the best. And that was that. We didnt talk for a few days. Deja vu...that brought back so many memories from my childhood. Yuck!

Shining Ray,
Another Pisces Moon square Neptune here! When I was younger thats the way I would react. I would hold stuff in and cry later. But if I was too angry I might let the tears out otherwise I might have to start throwing valuable things to release that anger in another way :p When I was younger I barely spoke up like I do now...mostly because I was afraid of what my peers and teachers would think. At home it was a different story. When I was young my emotions (Moon square Nept, opp saturn) Ruled! Over the years I have taken on my Sun and Asc traits more and am learning to use their positive traits more. Im also working on that tsquare my moon is involved not getting swept away in negative thought or daydream for too long. Still need the day dreaming and the reality check, I just cant let it over rule my daily life and decisions.
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grand crosses can be pretty type a.
The most type a person I know is an aries but then most other aries I know are not type a.
saturn will probably be in that grand cross. ALso pluto could be in there too.
pluto saturn aspects can be type a as they often never give up until they are exhausted.