Indicators of people who are satisfied with the wealth that they have


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I have been wondering what the astrological indicators are for people are happy with the wealth that they have. Can anyone help me out with this query.

Thank you.


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A classic response would be Sun trine Jup (happy with what they have...leave the "wealth" part out because neither defined in the question nor necessary to the answer).

Non-wealthy, conjunction-bearing natives among my personally well-knowns suggest that the conjunction provides equally.


I have Sun trine Jupiter and it's true, I'm satisfied and happy with what I have no matter how much or how little I actually have. I keep a lot of things that I have for a long time and I generally like something the same amount, if not more, as time goes by.

I think other indicators of being satisfied with one's wealth is Moon-Jupiter (trine/sextile), Venus-Jupiter (trine/sextile), Mars-Jupiter (trine/sextile), Mars-Saturn (trine/sextile). I think having various combos will create the overall feeling of content.
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