Indications of spiritual awakening


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The term 'spiritual awakening' can be a death trap, so don't get too caught up in it or recognizing the signs of it. The reason why it can be a death trap is that many people become convinced they're 'awakened' and thus stagnate. You ultimately cannot look to anyone else or anything else for true guidance. It's all in you and always was. Trust your intuition, get to know your higher self. Let her guide you. The concept of spiritual awakening is irrelevant as we're constantly awakening, well, at least those who care to

Similarly, I believe looking for signs in the natal chart can be a death trap as well and since awakening involves becoming more aware and more aligned with something beyond Earthly bounds, at some point the natal chart is far too human to be relevant


I somewhat disagree with the 9th house relating to spirituality. I've met several 9th house people and they weren't spiritual at all, kind of disappointing actually. Also water signs get lots of credit for being spiritual, I haven't seen that being accurate either. I would like to learn more about spirituality in astrology, but I think the few indicators its associated with limit it. Can't anyone be spiritual? Maybe they just have a different way of going about it, and that could show in a chart. I just don't see the hype around the 9th house/water signs in astrology relating to spirituality.

I have North Node in Pisces, first house. I've been told it means that I'm not a spiritual person and need to learn it in this lifetime, which is ridiculous because I've always been a spiritual person, particularly in an internal way.

Maybe spirituality is beyond astrology, although I would consider Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter in particular to relate to spiritual awakenings. I've read mass events involve Pluto, also the eleventh house.
With a NN conjunct the ascendent, it isn't so much that you aren't spiritual, it's that in this lifetime, you are being asked to focus on developing a healthy and fully independent self - without the need to look to others to provide your mental, physical, emotional, financial or spiritual needs.


I am wondering if there are any indicators or aspects in a chart that could indicate a possible spiritual awakening? What do you look for?

With the new age just around the corner there is said to be a mass awakening. But what about the individuals' chart? Are there any indicators for the individual to watch out for?

I know this is an OLD post! But I just had to comment.

I have had a spiritual awakening! Not quite full on Samadhi! But....

During a six week period, from mid October to mid December 2018, I began to get synchronicities, ridiculously exhausting dreams for about four weeks where all night I was watching thousands of pages of a book (the edge of a book, I never actually saw any words/images), my eyes ached every morning, felt like I'd been awake all night.

This was followed by me watching a documentary on line, which on hearing a mantra in the film (I didn't know it was a Mantra just beautiful music) I would feel odd, tingling in my head, feeling like I was being sucked into a tunnel (this sensation has happened about twice, over twenty years ago at a guess).

This was again mixed with synchronicities.

The culmination was, during the first or second week of that December, I tried to meditate, I'm terrible at meditating but I decided to have a go, I almost gave up after thirty minutes when I tried again. Suddenly I was out of my body (well, I felt like I was), flying above a river, feeling my body move to navigate the bends of the river, it felt amazing, wow.... Ok that's not the actual awakening, what happened next was I had to go to town for groceries, I put it off for a couple of hours as I really didn't want to spoil what happened earlier.

So, walking to town I became aware of being drawn to peoples eyes, aware the eyes were the same eyes, seeing from the same eyes (hard to describe), I felt totally and utterly connected, and I was seeing everything and everyone from an elevated angle, (not with my eyes but from perhaps about thirty or fifty feet above me, not quite 360° but close) and at the same time I was seeing with my real eyes at ground level.

This suddenly became an overwhelming sensation of being connected, like I was one with everything, I know it sounds like I read it out of a book, but that was exactly how I felt it,like for those several minutes nothing else mattered but this very second, and when that second ended it was this new second that mattered, only 'now' mattered, past and future didn't exist, everything made total sense, like we truly are part of a whole, and everything made absolute sense!!! (I'm not religious but spiritual).

And I looked at my chart, realising something important was happening, and the only thing that stood out at me was (I'm a total novice), Jupiter.... Transiting my natal Jupiter which is also conjunct my natal Neptune! Made total sense.

I usually use Placidus, so this transit confused me a bit, because in Placidus I have this Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in my 10th house of Scorpio (Jupiter 29° Scorpio and Neptune 0° Sagittarius), but in whole sign Jupiter is at the end of 11th house and Neptune is on the cusp of the 12th house.

So I initially thought that the transit was more whole sign related, as the 12th is dreams, spirituality etc.

But it could equally have been Placidus related as Jupiter was simply crossing into Sagittarius, going into its own sign, and igniting my natal conjunction!

The was in a beautiful place of awe for about a week before it wore off, but having had the experience it has stayed with me, I can feel it now.

If this post gets any replies a can share my chart for that transit period if anyone is curious.

Happy 2020....!


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My spiritual awakening is shown in my chart, as far as i know untill now, with Lilith in 1st house Scorpio and Vertex in 8th house Gemini.
Lilith there means life changing event in a very early life of the native. The story:
- When i was 14-15 y.o i`ve done something really bad and then ive gone for a brief amout of time in some really horible inner pain. I didnt knew what will become out of me. Big depression. Then, at some point ive reached to an occult group here in Bulgaria, called The White Brotherhood, the creator is Petar Danov ( nothing racist, "White" as pure, idealistic and moral way of life ), which changed my life forever and since then its the biggest sphere in my everyday life. Since this change in my life ( the best in my life, untill now ) ive began to see the world differently and started to build, work on myself and my life now is...well, thank God for that. The Brotherhood is just to live a moral spiritual life. They say that Lilith is bad, but with me it helped me the most.
- Vertex in 8th know - spiritual, money, sex. Those things were a game changer in my life. Again we have the spiritual life, occult, ect. Look in synastry for personal planets conj your Vertex, because they will be the most transformative karmic relationship. My past relationship was with a Gemini Sun conj my Vertex... after the brake-up, ive felt such tranformation, that my view on most things changed on 180 degrees ( like with the Brotherhood chapter). Ive become more matured and ambitious in life. Vertex at that placement, the native has the karma to become a teacher and i red this days ago...Well for 2 years now im studying to be a teacher...crazy huh ?:tongue::lol:


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You can kind of see in a natal chart whether someone has spiritual or mystical instincts. These might be (but are not restricted to) a loaded 12th or 9th house, and a lot of Neptune and/or Jupiter contacts. You might also look at septiles and noviles: so called minor aspects that divide the chart into aspects of 360/ 7 or 360/9 and their multiples, such as the bi- and tri-septiles. Noviles (aspects of 40 degrees separation and their multiples, excluding trines) seem to be an aspect of initiation. Both aspects seem prominent in the charts of spiritual people, including those who are not religious in a conventional sense.
I have:
Neptune, Jupiter, Chiron in 9th house
Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron sextile Sun
Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron trine Moon (Moon conjunct Vertex, Jupiter, Chiron trine Vertex exact)
Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron trine AC
Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron quintile Venus (Neptune exact)
Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron octile Mercury
Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron semisextile Uranus, NN
Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron quincunx SN
Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron septile Pluto (Neptune exact)
Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron opposite Mars
Chiron, Neptune conjunct Jupiter
Moon septile Venus
Venus biseptile Uranus
Mars triseptile NN
Venus novile NN
Uranus binovile Pluto (Exact)
Saturn quadranovile MC (Exact)
Pluto seminovile NN (Exact)


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i know that we are actively blocked from knowing. i dont know why but it is so. and while you ‘dont throw pearls to swine’, nor be irresponsible lest you cause fear with indiscriminate viewpoint…. that will change with another grain of knowledge….there is always a kernel of truth in everything to be discovered.

just ask. you will be answered. the answer is given to your level only. and ‘nobody’ but you can say a single thing about you. not any other being. thats free will. we each grow how we want when we want to where we want. so knowledge is specific only to the holder. and thats the beauty of creation.