Indications of Marriage or No Marriage in a nativity chart based on Lily's judgements in Vol. 3


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Can someone help with some questions and help me verify marriage/no marriage (long term relationships) in my chart based on traditional methods esp. re: Lily?Looking at Lily's aphorisms, it seems like there are specific ways to check this, and I was wondering if anyone could help me see if based on those considerations, I am reading this correctly that per traiditonal astrology's nativity chart, what my story says about marriage. I was told to look at natal when I posted a horary question on the matter, and I think my natal corroborates the answer I got. (I am a woman btw)

Here is what I gather from my chart based on what Lily says:
-My Saturn in the 4th, showing no interest in marriage, and it's retrograde (apparently), or maybe the retrograde shows the opposite, not sure.
-My Mars and Moon in mutual reception by sign, but fertile Moon in H7 in a barren sign at an anaretic degree in H7 basically in H8.
-Mars in H10 in Cancer, but still an infertile sign in a fertile house.
-Jupiter and Sun plus Venus in H8 in a semi-fertile sign, which indicates no marriage as this is in a malefic house.
-Moon sextiles Mars in mutual reception by sign (maybe a good testimony, but sextile is weak compared to everything else) and this is applying.
-Sun conjuncts Venus, but it's separating and both are in H8 in Taurus. -planets are Diurnal and Occidental.
-Venus in H8 but in domicile.
I wonder if Moon in H5 and Venus in H8 look like a proclivity for affairs or lovers?

-No aspects from Sun, Mars (L7) or Jupiter to Moon. Though sun does apply to venus but it's separating.

This all look like. testimonies for no marriage. Am I right?
Based on Lily's prognoses below, I have gathered this info for the prognoses above. Am I correct based on the following (paraphrased in modern English, Lily's judgements for marraige in a woman's chart for a husband) :
  • Women's marriage prospects are indicated by the Sun and Mars, which play a significant role in their astrological charts.
  • The 7th house and its ruling planet are also important.
  • The planets present in the 7th house need to be considered.
  • By analyzing these indicators—their qualities and positions—we judge a woman's marriage prospects similarly to how we assess a man's, but we swap the Sun for the Moon and Mars for Venus. We also evaluate whether these indicators are fertile or barren, whether they are in signs that are double-bodied or fruitful, and whether they are considered fortunate or unfortunate, strong or weak. Based on these factors, we can make predictions about marriage.
Marriage Likelihood and Conditions:
  • If a woman's astrological indicators are fertile, well-placed in fortunate houses, and in good aspect with benefic planets, marriage is likely.
  • Conversely, if the indicators are barren, in unfortunate houses, weak, and afflicted by malefic planets, marriage is unlikely. Certain planetary positions, like Venus in the 7th house and Saturn in the 4th, suggest a lack of desire for marriage and disinterest in romantic activities.
  • If the Sun and Moon are in masculine signs or in the same masculine quarter, but never in the same sign (if masculine), it predicts that the woman will be independent and possibly challenging as a wife.

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Can someone help with some questions and help me verify marriage/no marriage
(long term relationships) in my chart based on traditional methods esp. re: Lily?

Medieval astrology - Bonatti, Abu Ali, Al Khayat - is using very wide range of time span
in which different techniques for delineating marriage were used.
For example Hellenistic Astrologers
Valens, Dorotheus used methods of their own

There are certain rules in Medieval Astrology compiled
which can give quite good workable methods for delineating marriage
- but the practice is what is needed

The Technique

The Compound Almuten is very practical

in almost all methods used in medieval delineation.
Bonatti & other medievals were very fond on Compound Almutens.

Finding the Compound Almuten for Marriage:

Find the Rulers of all 5 dignities for the following places:

1. 7th house cusp

2. Lord of the 7th house

3. Planets in 7th house (if any)

4. Moon

5. Venus

6. Part of Marriage (According to Hermes) (ASC + VE - SA) for Men.

The Planet which gets most points over these places is Almuten of Marriage.
But consider also if there are impediments to these places.
If there is affliction to 7th house - by some Malefic's square or opposition

to the Moon - aspect, combust, cadent, retrograde

See if one of the individiaul Almutens over these places

is joined to the Lord of the Ascendant or its Almuten
or the Lord of the 7th or its Almuten.
If they are in trine or sextile, and if especially in reception

then the native will rejoice in living beautiful life with his wife according to his desire.

But if the aspects were without reception

or if the aspects were square or opposition, then the significations will be judged lower.

Marriages of Women

In Women's chart the Sun is of great importance.
According to Ptolemy we seek to find the Sun in the two Oriental Quadrants:

from AC to MC, and from DC to IC, because this signifies that
the woman will be married in her youth and
that she will take young man in her older years, but not an older husband.
But when the Sun is in the Occidental quadrants (from AC to IC, and from DC to MC)

then her marriage is delayed or in youth she will take older man.

If the Sun is from the beginning of Aries till the middle of Taurus,
or from the middle of Leo all the way to the end of Virgo,
or from the beginning of Libra all the way to the middle of Scorpio,
or from the middle of Aquarius till the end of Pisces,
and the significator (In women's chart this is the Lord or Almuten of the 7th house)

is Occidental, she will marry in old age or with older man.

If the significator is under the Sun's beams, it signifies that she has no marriage.

If the Sun is in fixed sign signifies that she will be married to one man only.
But if in that sign there is Oriental planet,
you will judge that the man will be young
or that she will marry another one after that.
If the planet is Occidental, then he will be older.

If the Sun is in mutable sign she will have two husbands.
If the Sun is in cardinal sign she will have many men.

"..But if the lord of the Ascendant were joined to the lord of the 7th
so that the former were lighter than the latter
it signifies that the native will want to copulate with women.

If indeed the 7th sign were Cancer or Scorpio or Pisces
or there were a conjunction of the lord of the 7th or its Almuten
with the lord of the first or its Almuten
in these (signs)
or from these (signs)
or with one of them

it signifies that the native will have many wives
or a great number of other women.
If however you find the contrary, you are able to judge otherwise.."

Timing of Marriage

According to Bonatti, if Venus is angular or succedent, fortunate and strong without afflictions
and the triplicity rulers of her sign are also fortunate and strong and angular or succedent
and all (with Venus) are Oriental
signifies that the man will contract marriage when young
and the marriage will bring him delight.

The same is with Moon, if she is in her First quarter (from new moon to 1st quarter)
or in Third Quarter (from full moon to the third quarter)
his marriage will be delayed somewhat more
and he will contract it with a young girl
and he will be fortunate with woman
but a little less then in the first example (with Venus).

If Venus is impeded, i.e. cadent, combust, retrograde, joined with malefics
and also her triplicity lords are impeded
and if she and the lords are occidental and are between the AC and IC
or between DC and MC, or in the 2nd quarter of the Moon
or in the last (occidental quarters), it signifies that the marriage of the natus
is a little postponed and he will marry a little older woman in older years

and he will be unfortunate because of women.

But if Venus is fortunate and strong, angular or succedent
but her Lords were impeded, then the native will marry a good and appropriate woman
but evil detriment follows that marriage (because of the impeded lords)
and you can judge the same for the vice versa example
i.e. when Venus is impeded but the lords of the triplicity are in good state

then the native marries inappropriate woman but the marriage will bring him happiness.

Technical data

Part of Marriage for Men:


Part of Marriage for Women:

Moon Quarters:
From 0 degrees to 90 (New Moon to 1st quarter) = 1st QUARTER (Oriental)
From 90 to 180 = 2nd QUARTER (Occidental)
From 180 to 270 = 3rd QUARTER (Oriental)
From 270 to 360 = 4th QUARTER (Occidental)

Chart Quarters:
From AC to MC = Oriental Quarter (Masculine)
From MC to DC = Occidental Quarter (Feminine)
From DC to IC = Oriental Quarter (Masculine)
From IC to AC = Occidental Quarter (Feminine)

Oriental vs Occidental Planets in regard to their position with the Sun:
Inferior planets (Venus and Mercury), behind the Sun are Oriental, before the Sun are occidental.
Superior planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), behind the Sun are occidental, before the Sun are oriental.