Indications of Fame in a Natal Chart


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Why did it all start in 1999 though?

The Triplicity Rulers of your Ascendant tell how your life goes. The 1st Triplicity Ruler defines the first 1/3, the 2nd Triplicity Ruler the 2/3 and the last rules the last third of your life.

Depending on your life span, if your life suddenly goes south, then that's probably because the 2nd Triplicity Ruler is in really bad shape.

Bob are you refering to the Gauglin zone?

No, while I'm sure Michel's statistics are immaculately statistical, I'm not a big believer in statistics.

Glad to hear my Sun is faring well after all!

It's not just the Sun, it's everything together. I have Sun/Moon angular and I've been on national television twice (once in Los Angeles, once in Washington DC), local television 4-5 times, on the tele once in the UK, twice in Germany, once in Romania, co-authored two published articles (military things) and received an Investigator of the Year Award, which matches my chart, but it doesn't support any world-wide fame or for that matter any kind of lasting fame.

Your fame and fortune has to have staying power as well, otherwise you're in the spotlight and the 28 days later you've been relegated to total obscurity.

And you can see that in charts, like actors (or musicians or lotto winners) who get a few roles and become famous but then that's it, and 20 years later you find they've been living on Skid-Row drinking Sterno and looking for a liver transplant.

There are different levels of fame/recognition and your chart has to have the planetary placements to get to those higher levels. My mother is a neuro-psychologist that is published and has worked with the famed Dr. Zimbardo and she travels the US testifying as an expert witness and her chart supports that, but it doesn't support any higher level of national acclaim and certainly not international acclaim.

In this chart, he's seriously lacking in motivation and pehaps he might actually produce a documentary, but you'll never see him at the BAFTA Awards (unless he's a guest of someone else -- or he's a crasher).


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@ Bob:

"'......drinking Sterno and looking for a liver transplant"

That totally cracked me up!!!



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@ Bob
"Your fame and fortune has to have staying power as well, otherwise you're in the spotlight and the 28 days later you've been relegated to total obscurity."
Agreed! It's true that anyone can have world wide fame within seconds, since these days all you have to do is upload a video to Youtube that connects to the public, and watch it go viral.

What is more significant is what is the substance and content of the work? If there's a solid focus on that, then the rest of it - attention/fame/money/longevity - should naturally unfold. The energy spent on thinking about 'fame' can be distracting, and is better directed to the work itself.

Hard to see that exactly in a chart, since so much of it has to do with how the individual chooses to use his/her energies...


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I agree that he is lacking accuracy. The 9th and 12th do not deal with artistry as such. THe 12th does rule film and behind the scenes activities
and the illusionary and fantasy aspects of life. Ballet is one such influence.
VIsions and dreams coming into expression with the help of planets aspecting or domiciled. Ruler etc....


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apparently I have some strong performing arts indicators in my chart too...I'm posting it for everyone's it possible to determine though what "art" in performing arts someone is more inclined to? ie. actor vs. musician vs. director vs writer vs etc. I'm trying to figure out where I belong in that area if I were to ever try entering it - ie. behind the camera/microphone? or infront of the camera/microphone? Also, how high a level of success does my chart indicate I can achieve in the area of public fame? not limited to performing arts fame, but in general. ie. local? national? famous architect?, famous politician?, famous writer?, famous anything?, lol.


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I found this.
"Jupiter in the 8th House: If Jupiter occupies the 8th House, the native will be insulted, longlived, be a servant, will serve his own people, be pitiable and will have union with dirty women."

Im scared, I have jupiter in the 8th house

Hello Virgo 18,

This system is for people following the vedic style only.
Another important thing is that using the precession of the equinoxes vedic style is actually one house (about ) behind the western style. Now for example, suppose your actual ascendant is taurus (say) at 2 degrees, so in vedic style it will most probably be some degrees of aries.

Hence jupiter may be moved to the 7th house in your case i think you should read this ""If Jupiter occupies the 7th House, the native will be charming will acquire a beautiful wife, be greater than his father, be an eloquent speaker, a poet, a superior person and be learned and famous:smile:

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O_O Wow, you actually died? THEN came back from the dead to look at your natal chart? You're a strange fellow! :p

I laughed when you told me that. Maybe you're more destined for fame than the person you originally posted about....
Haha i guess so, hate to burst his bubble lol. but like i said i dont want fame just to be a fame whore. as big and presumptous as it sounds i want to be as generous and influential as oprah and bill gates (bill gates has jupiter in 2nd house ;P), but with the humility and heart of jesus. lol what an oxymoron huh! the problem with me is that im super creative and have ten billion ideas but dont execute any of them. i did research and found that having a south node in capricorn means that in order to "fulfill" so to speak my chart..( i plan on rising above and beyond it) i have to quit being such a dreamer and procrastinator and adopt saturnian values. so needless to say thats what ive been doing. i am very excited to see what the universe has in store for me!! I really cant stop shaking my head at the "coincidence" of running into your post it popped up on google! love love love "coincidences" man they make my day!


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Barack Obama's 10th in Scorpio is completely empty.

Neptune is in his 9th, and his Sun in Leo is in 6th. Gemini Moon is in 4th.


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I heard that Sun conjunct Vertex may indicate that you may be a person of public importance. I have this in Libra, but not really famous and I hate the public eye! When my ex proposed he made it public and we were on the first page of my local news paper. Embarassing enough.... Also this Sun/Vertex of mine in libra is square MC capricorn and IC cancer.


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To Bob:
Question: If a planet occupies the last 1/3 of a house and no longer has power there than is it wise to ascribe it to the former or next house?



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Interesting that today is 13. March, exactly this chart owners birthday.

Anyway the main problem about getting famous with this chart is that most of the planets are below the horizon.

Yes, the Moon is beautiful, as it rules the MC and is in Leo, but the aspects to it are having way to big orbs. Basically just square to Pluto, which gives the need to have power in her career, and trine to Mercury, which helps her to understand her emotions. In the succesful person`s chart there should me more exact aspects.

Uranus looks weird, as it is unaspected(I don`t consider this wide orb trine to Moon). Whether very original in his way of communicating or extremely odd.

Artistic pursuits can be a hobby to earn some little extra money, but actually it is more like a social worker chart. Also there seem to be some difficulties in the earnings. Although 2nd house ruler Venus makes nice and supporting sextile to Neptune there still stays the square with Mars. And actually this conflicting and stress making aspect is the only way for Mars to express his desires. But the thing is that the over-view of the chart is very water like, plus this fire emphasis, which only causes stronger mood switches. So it may be quite difficult for her to handle square aspects. Although sometimes square can act like motivators in this case it can indicate difficulties to handle it, perhaps by wanting to have lot of money, but on the other side loving more to have fun, and not to work.

Especially because of the Sun placement, plus the most exact aspect is sextile between Mercury and Chiron, 6-8 houses. So maybe some healing abilities?

Yes, 5th house themes come out. Uranus as the ruler no aspects, showing that it makes the person feel that she needs to give attention on it, and also Venus in 5th - suggesting that the person enjoys artistic pursuits, but maybe it should stay more on a hobby level. Something to do for fun. And then to give more attention to the Sun in the 6th plus this Chiron influences...:smile:


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(Natal Chart of Client is Attached and Available at the Bottom) :biggrin:

I'm a therapist with a PHD in social science/practicing astrologer based in NY - taking on some Lois Rodden inspired projects.

I'm tracking a young filmmaker and actor that has had some success appearing in the spotlight from a young age. I genuinely feel he has a good chance of becoming world famous for his work in motion pictures.

I would love your some of your opinions - as I study various up and coming actors/film makers - closely watching the Neptune influence ...

Astrology Client #1
March 13th 1984
New York, New York (Chart is also attached to this thread)


I particularly notice: Moon on the cusp of the 10th/11th house ... Jupiter Conjunct Neptune (Film and Illusion) - Sun in the 6th House Pisces. The energy of the entire chart also filters completely to the 10th house in a bucket formation.

I think I notice what would be called a Grand Trine to Mars in the Second House. Can anyone confirm that? I'm still learning!

The Part of Fortune is at 22 Degrees Taurus in the 8th house - a phenomenal sabian symbol.

I feel this candidate could also (on a separate note) potentially win the lottery or - a major speculative gain at some point. The 2nd House Cusp is at 29 Degrees Libra - with Venus Rising in the 5th (Speculation) .... this also means the cusp of House 8 is @ 29 Degrees Aires (The Mars trine in the 2nd)

Aside from acting ... he is studying social work in a masters degree program ... hence the 6th house ... his ambitions are switching from acting to producing neo-realistic films that expose social problems

What do you all think of this chart? do you notice anything interesting?

Thanks so much for your feedback!

I see that I never looked over this person's chart, and since this is my favorite astrology topic--here we go!

So the chart is whole sign, and we have the lot of fortune in Taurus in the 8th house, not the best placement; but it's good that the ruler is a benefic planet in sect (in the period of day where that planet acts most beneficially). An already very good eminence significator is that its ruler Venus, is 10 signs from fortune. So already we have a traditional sign of of some notability. Venus is in sect, but doesn't have much dignity--the more dignified fortune ruler is, the better. Venus is in the 5th house natally, so there shows some eminence through 5th house related matters (performing, things involving children or love--creativity in general; filmmaking certainly qualifies).

Technically the ruler of fortune is also the Moon, having the most dignities at 21° Taurus. The Moon is in a pivot from fortune (angular), which is good, in the sign of Leo--typically suggesting entertainment. IMO, as a side note, Moon as ruler of fortune means the mother will be an ally to the native's success (it has been true for me, having Moon my ruler of fortune)--it would be interesting, OP if you could check that.

Anyway, Venus is in Aquarius, supposedly a humanitarian sign, and Moon is in Leo, in the natal 11th--some definite connections to social issues; I think the chart suggests that he will have good success if he pursues filmmaking in that area.

That's a bit of my analysis. :smile:


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Pretty interesting thread.

I would like to know if my chart shows any tendency to become famous.

I have been told I have good qualities for foto or film, but that of course doesn't mean I will become famous.

Can somebody help me out, please?


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To Bob:
Question: If a planet occupies the last 1/3 of a house and no longer has power there than is it wise to ascribe it to the former or next house?


Some modern astrologers would. Pelletier for example. In traditional, a Planet within 5° of a Cusp has influence in that House and we actually read it as being in the next House.

I would like to know if my chart shows any tendency to become famous.

I have been told I have good qualities for foto or film, but that of course doesn't mean I will become famous.

Can somebody help me out, please?

Look for bodyguards of the Lights (Sun/Moon). Bodyguards is not a very descriptive word. Retainers or retinue would be better.

The greater the number of bodyguards, the greater the fame and power. Someone who is famous probably has a personal secretary. Someone even more famous would have a personal secretary and a driver, and then a publicist, and an agent, and maybe an actual bodyguard, and then there's the groupies and stuff that follow them around. They have their "entourage" and that's what "bodyguards" symbolize.

The Planet(s) that function as bodyguards will tell you the quality. Mercury obviously represents secretaries, drivers, agents, accountants, publicists etc., Venus fans and groupies etc.

Not everyone gets fame while alive. Some people get their 15 minutes of fame after they die, and then some become even more famous after death, than they were in life. You can look at the 5th House for that.


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The Planet(s) that function as bodyguards will tell you the quality. Mercury obviously represents secretaries, drivers, agents, accountants, publicists etc., Venus fans and groupies etc.

And what would be the criteria? position of the house, conjunction?


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And what would be the criteria?

Ah, well, how dreadful of me. I get off tangent sometimes. Your fame, rank and station in life is determined from your Conception Chart. That's what you need to be looking at. Your wealth and fortune is in your Natal Chart from the 2nd House.


I couldn't resist posting my chart in this thread, as I am an aspiring actress and singer who feels its my destiny to become a performing artist, and course, a well known one is much desired. What does my chart read?


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What does my chart read?

That's a Natal Chart. You need your Conception Chart, since your rank and status is pre-determined before birth.

One of these two men will be king. Can you tell which one?



No, of course you can't.

Now, look at their Conception Charts. Which one will be king? See the chart with Sun/Moon Angular and the bodyguards around the Sun?



Well, he's not a "true" king, at least not in the sense of an absolute monarch, because he doesn't have all 5 Planets as bodyguards, rather he just has 4 Planets, but then the king is just a figure head and doesn't actually rule.


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