In What Sign is Chiron Domiciled?


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I siriusly recommend the book. It isn’t available on PDF.
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Most of the writers, lean towards the last six signs of the zodiac, the Northern signs, that he was said to have domain of.

They mention the overlap of the constellation of the Centaur. Repeatedly.

Kind of doesn’t narrow it down.🙂

But then the Book is on the continuing discovery of Chiron. 🙂
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Chiron rules (I added a few things):
Medicine and Healing.
Sagittarius, Scorpio and Ophiuchus.
Fatherhood and Male relatives.
Jupiter/Constellation (not sure it's an octave).

3 signs out of 14 (12 zodiacal and 2 parazodiacs including Orion or Cetus).

My natal chart Chiron placement in 11th (Aquarian house) in the sign Taurus (my Mom's sun sign) square my natal Sun/Moon conjunction in 8th Aquarius:
My Dad was a medic in the county fire department and is trained to deliver me on a 60-mile or 2-hour drive in the rain to the hospital where I was born, but I was born in the maternity ward and still, he came in handy with my Mom.


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Chiron rules (Again, I made additions):
Mentorship and assistants.
Surgery and Hospitals.
Heroes and Role models.
Hands, and all uses of them.
Music (more of a Scorpio, then there's fortune in performances in Sagittarius).

He had a daughter, her constellation, the flying horse Pegasus.

Pegasus with Andromeda (a double constellation like Ophiuchus with Serpens) flies above the southernly zodiac constellations Aquarius and Pisces (including Piscis Austrinus), to me, Pegasus and Andromeda alike Cygnus (the Swan) and Aquila (the Eagle) are also to the north of the celestial equator from Aquarius and fellow Saturnian Capricornus, although Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, are the winter group signs of flight to freedom from fear, a Chiron concept associated with another wintery sign Sagittarius, the last third of the astrological zodiac is complete...and oddly based on legend, Pegasus has the Andromeda "galaxy" of a princess chained to the back of the winged horse (is this act to liberate her?).


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Wow! What if my Chiron is actually in Pegasus? That changes so many things...
Maybe I was gifted with the healing powers of flight?


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Signs are Not Constellations

Pegasus with Andromeda (a double constellation like Ophiuchus with Serpens) flies above the southernly zodiac constellations Aquarius and Pisces (including Piscis Austrinus)...


Don't confuse signs with constellations. Signs are mapped out sections of the sky while constellations are clusters of stars that form images in the sky. For example, you can have the Sun in the Aries portion of the sky but you can NOT have the Sun in the "Pegasus" part of the sky since there is NO part of the sky mapped out exclusively to Pegasus.

About the difference,



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Re: Signs are Not Constellations

Bunraku, on planet earth we have solstices and equinoxes. That's just the way it is. You understand the elementary science behind them.

Signs are 30-degree pie-sectors of the heavens, organized around the ecliptic.

If you do look at constellations and fixed stars, occasionally an out-of-bounds planet (or more commonly, asteroid) will nip into a constellation close to the zodiac, typically Cetus or Orion. (Ophichus passes through the ecliptic in a narrow part of the constellation.)

The standard constellations have been with us since ancient times. See, for example, Aratus, Phaenomena 3rd century BCE.


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Re: Signs are Not Constellations

Just because it's old doesn't mean it's right & things always change like these stars wont be there forever


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I have to go with Sagittarius.

I once read when Chiron was fairly new in Astrology, it's Virgo....
It may have been as far back as Linda Goodman, suggesting there was another ruler for Virgo- that hadn't yet been assigned....:surprised: :unsure: I'm not 100% sure,but I think it was her who spoke of this dilemma in her books:

We believe that Chiron has superseded Mercury as the ruler of Virgo. Mercury clearly rules Gemini-- the brain and perception, but its rulership of the hands is less clear. The very name, Chiron, suggests handling and hands-on. (Chiro means hands) As ruler of Virgo, Chiron becomes the polarity point for Neptune, ruler of Pisces. If Neptune is the unconscious/ subconscious mind, Chiron is the conscious mind.

In a very real sense, Chiron is our personal data handler, capable of a wide range of file handling functions. When we expand our mental/perceptual connections to greater realities, Chiron becomes the modem through which Mercury can pull information from the impersonal areas of Neptune’s memory, as we do through our Internet connections.