In What Sign is Chiron Domiciled?


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Ancient texts may disagree on the validity that Sagittarius is indeed depicted as a Horseman or double-bodied constellation.

Epitome 28. Archer THIS is the Archer, who is a Centaur according to most accounts. Others deny this, however, because he cannot be seen to be four-legged, but is standing upright and drawing a bow; and no Centaur ever made use of a bow. This is surely a man, but one who has the legs of a horse and a tail like that of the Satyrs.* That is why these find it hard to believe that this is a Centaur, but prefer to think that it is Crotos, the son of Eupheme,* nurse of the Muses.

Taken from "Constellation Myths: With Aratus's 'Phaenomena'":

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The Sagittarius centaur is entirely appropriate and represents the ruling of animal instincts by human rationality, and is also seen in the symbol of the arrow having passed through the barrier of emotion. The groundwork for this was done in the emotional sign of Scorpio in a previous life. Each of the water signs deals with birth in different forms, Scorpio with the overcoming of 'the law of the jungle' of Leo, and entry into spiritual adulthood of the personality.
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