I'm so confused with my life purpose?


My chart really confuses me about my life purpose and not sure what should I do to move forward. Generally stuck in the same situations and it looks like rough to get away. Can you comment on my chart please?

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I am not sure what you mean by life purpose. I think we all have multiple, varied, complex purposes in our lives.

But I can see why you might wonder about that subject. You are a double Pisces, with Jupiter, co-ruler , in your 12th house. So dharma and cosmic principles are a personal priority. An idealistic love of humanity and a bent towards mysticism does not necessarily clarify your life path, in a specific way.

With Venus in Pisces, sitting right on the Ascendant, and a Mercury/Sun conjunction trailing behind, your persona is awash in Mutable Water energy. Questioning and pondering is the way you operate.

It can be very helpful when you are wanting to get to know someone, and to understand their issues and to be able to sympathise with them. But it might be overwhelming at times, for you personally. It is hard to have clear boundaries between yourself and others when you are so empathetic and compassionate and vulnerable. :love:

You are very young and have plenty of time to figure out your dharmic path. :ninja:

In the mean time, you can figure out how to get along with others in personal close relationships, in spite of your retrograde Virgo mars in the 7th,k opposing your Sun, Moon and Saturn. :bandit:


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Start reading up on your north node Virgo if you haven’t already. I recommend you read jan spiller astrology for the soul to help you. Virgo north node. When you say it looks rough to get away what do U mean?


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Nice comment, how about my wealth level?

By 'nice comment'---did you mean my reference too your Retro Mars in Virgo in the 7th? I hope it didn't come out harsh. I was just saying it is a bit of a hurdle, perhaps.

As to wealth level---is your birth time totally accurate?

Your 2nd house cusp is 29 Aries. If the time is accurate then your Mars is the ruler of your 2nd, and has a big impact upon your financial health.

Again, another reason to focus on and learn about that retro Mars in the 7th, with the difficult oppositions. :bandit: