I'M loosing my marbles over this one. HELP!!! PLZ!


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ok i have an aries ascendant , with an aries venus. my venus for some odd reason is in my 12th house the within 3 degrees of my ascendant. so is it interpreted as venus in the 12th or 1st or is it just venus conjunct ascendant. how do you even interpret a 12th house venus conjunct ascendant?


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I have the same thins with my Saturn. It's conjunct to my Asc but resides in my 12th house. This usually happens when you have a planet that is very close the "edge" of a house, or can be considered to sit "inbetween" them.


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Thanks a bunch olivia!:biggrin:...so my singleton venus in aries woud be on my ascendant and 3x as powerful?

I have heard different interpretations of this too. I have Mars sitting on the cusp of my 6th house from my 5th house. If I change the time by 2 minutes, it moves it into the 6th house. From my personal experience, both Mars in the 5th and Mars in the 6th house apply to my life experiences. I have also heard that the first part of your life it's in the you live out the first house and the second the next house. Have you read about Venus in the 12th house and Venus in the 1st? What makes sense to your life experiences? Either way, it will conjunct your ASC which makes it powerful.