I'm just and old friend from Astrodienst


Well-known member
Thank you, It seems the former members of astrodienst are relocated here.

I hope we all have found a new place to settle.


Registering and using multiple account IDs is not permitted.
Any such duplicate account IDs will be banned by moderators.
For Moderation and Administration purposes, no User IDs are deleted
or changed at the AW forum. You can delete any of your own posts at any time

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important to keep in mind that
There is no requirement for members to post comment - it's completely voluntary
ours is an astrological learning forum members practice astrological skills free
no one is paid
responses to threads are often from members who are beginners

with little or no experience but keen to learn by practice
members sometimes discuss interpreting their own charts to learn by practice

clearly we also have members with many years of astrological study completed
NEVERTHELESS many members have day jobs
those of our members who ARE professionals

unsurprisingly DO NOT provide a complete professional reading for free