I'm back!


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I haven't logged on in two years or so? Lol...
Piixy...if anyone remembers me, if not...even better.
I can re-introduce myself on a clean slate ;)
How's everyone?

P.S If you're a virgo male, with venus in cancer HOLLA. We'll get along splendid. :biggrin:
Well, I must say, welcome back! It has been a very long time since you have been here, but, some of the "oldies but, goodies" still remain! Like me :p Wilson, Dean, despitemyself, cupcake, carrotcake, and more!

We had some good times here! I just hope your parents don't see your computer light when you come back to chat with us like before! :p Hehe

Nice to have you back Mrs. Piixy!:happy:


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Lol, I've got a laptop now ;)
The chat is erhh..different, no one's on it anymore?
&theres a bunch of rooms made by Niplan I'm assuming lol.
There should be an astroweekly tinychat room where we can all videocall as well!