I'm About To Give Up - Help

Ever since my ex and i broke up over 5 years ago I am finding it extremely difficult to find anyone. I have dated and dated and dated and I'm just about tired of it all. The games...the lies...the bs. I have met 2 Cancers, 1 Gemini, 1 Virgo, 1 Scorpio, 1 Libra, (all with too many **** issues) and now here comes the Aquarius...this is it. If this guy doesn't work out then the hell with it. I'm turning lesbian or I'm just going to get a bunch of cats... lol. My birth time is accurate but his is not. I'm going to try to get his birth time but for now this is the best i could do. I know Aquarius and Sagittarius are supposed to be compatible but from all of the reading I've done on this site I've learned that there is more to it than just the Sun signs.

Can somebody take a look at the synastry and tell me if this even stands a chance at all? Any insight would at least get my mind ready for what may be ahead. Give it to me straight...the good, the bad...and the ugly!

~Tired of Being Tired

PS. Is anybody else as tired of the dating scene as I am?


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Can somebody take a look at the synastry and tell me if this even stands a chance at all?

You already know the answer ..... i'll take a look and ask you some rhetorical Q's ??

Looks like I have connection with both of the characters in that Synastry Chart.

Describe the guy physically for me ..... hair , height , skin (quality) , expressive .... how is he about his appearance , is he average , meticulous ?[looking for an ascendant]

Back in a day or so .
I was in a relationship for 7 years with my daughter's father (Sagittarius)...didn't work out.

As for the Aquarius, 6'2, good clear skin (he'll be 40 in Jan no wrinkles), he's gorgeous, keeps his hair cut low and neat, broad shoulders, milk chocolate complexion, he's average about his appearance not the pretty boy type that stays in the mirror longer the I do but he always dresses nice...lol. I can PM you a picture.


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well- 7 years is a while. I don't know all the details, but even if 2 people are perfect astrologically, this doesn't mean it will last forever. Relationships are karmic....and when the lessons are learned they sometimes fall away.
Perhaps you are destined to have several meaningful realtionships in your lifetime.

good luck to you.


then composite chart shows a venus/sun/mercury stellium indicating a humorous,loving,vibrant interaction netween the two of you.with a moon trine,the emotional compatability seems strong.
but the saturn/jupiter opposition can make long term committments difficult.
uranus square to the mercury/sun/venus stellium adds a intensity and excitement to the relationship.it usually shows a relationship that becomes intense very quickly.
but the uranus aspect is highly unstable and usually characterizes a relationship that burns brightly but than ends quickly.uranus shows that there is a need for too much independence for a viable longterm relationship to form.


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Hello Maybeitsyou! This comparison looks fine to me. Compatible Suns, Moons (extremely important!!) (yours is in Cancer right?, difficult to see) and compatible Mercuries. That is already a great first step. Then your Venus conjunct his Sun, great! Is his Jupiter sextiling your Moon-Saturn conjunction? Then he could help you to open up emotionally.
The difficulties could generate from the incompatible Marses. You like action and excitement, he is less of a doer, quite a dreamer actually with Moon-Neptune conjunction and very sensitive and intuitive. Your Mercury-Neptune conjunction, even though they are in a fire sign, will be appreciated by his Moon-Neptune in Water, sort of musical and poetical together.
Your Saturn-Moon opposes his Venus and his Saturn opposes your Pluto.I cannot say much about that because I dont know in which house his Saturn falls. These oppositions would need to be balanced out which I am sure you could with him as you are able to talk things over (his Merc. trines your Ascendant). Each relationship has his problems, but I think you both can face them and work them out without major upset. You are both freedom loving although he could need some time by himself occasionally with that Moon in Scorpio (I know because I have it also in Scorpio). Quite passionate....
So all in all, this guy looks good to me. Try to open up a bit more emotionally and less selfdefensive which would only complicate matters. If his Saturn is sextiling his Sun (I cant see the degrees exactly) then he is responsible and serious. Good luck! Starlink
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maybeitsyou said:
If this guy doesn't work out then the hell with it. I'm turning lesbian or I'm just going to get a bunch of cats... lol.
God, I DID laugh when I read that!

(You could also become a nun…)

I think there are a lot more people than you realize who feel (or felt) as you do, and more men than you think.

There is another discussion going on right now about Venus/Saturn that I swear reminds me of what you are saying here.

My guess, based on a quick look at your chart, is that you've never liked flirting or the whole "dating game". Some people do. It's an adventure for them. The thrill of the chase.

I hated it. I would rather be alone than be in the company of people I don't really like. I think this may be true for you too, although if I am wrong, please correct me.

My hunch is that you are a very intense person and feel rejection very keenly. (There are people in this world, I have to keep reminding myself, who are happy-go-lucky and recover easily from disappointments.)

I also think you tend to view the world somewhat idealistically (this is also true of me), and these things in combination make "love" a very, very serious thing for you.

Other people will read synastry for you, but I think you will need to find someone who is serious and gentle and who never, never, never would play mind-games with you. It's a bit hard to judge "Mr. Aquarius" because you don't have an accurate birth-time for him.

From the chart, I can't tell if his Moon is in Scorpio or Sagittarius because it appears that the Moon changes sign the day he was born.

The most important thing is to never give up. Sometimes at just the moment you think you will never find someone, suddenly the person is there. :)

Good luck,

Just to update everyone things didn't really work out with the Aquarius guy. Nothing bad happened but it just seemed like some really basic communication/relational issues. He was just to....ahhh immature is the word i'm looking for. and I don't think I could deal with him on a day to day basis...better off as friends. He just did't know when to turn his sarcasm off. And coming from a Sagittarius that says a lot. I guess my Cancer Moon couldn't deal him. Over the passed couple of months the Cancer Man has opened up to me even more ever so slowly. I know this one is going to be a long slow drawn out ride but we have such a connection and love for each other that it just can't be denied. I just need to understand how to handle him. He's very intense and closed off but he's told me that he trusts me more than anyone he knows. He's very emotional and holds everyting inside. I really can relate to that. Does anyone see anything with the attached synastry and composite?


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hehe maybeitsyou on the lesbian and cats front... if l had a penny for everytime l have said this and then dived into YET ANOTHER bloody **** relationship!!!


Good luck cos you sound like a really cool girl !

ps. how about a Leo with a Sagittarius moon? Maybe the double fire will be doubly hot? :D


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maybeitsyou said:
Ever Signed
please look for paneagle in astro.com forum where you got
your chart...sol sign forum
or read solastrology.blogspot.com

i DID hear...i would not dating scene it, instead try the love scene
which means go where you love, do what you love, be love itself
in fact...second...follow what you love to do in the sense where
others can share it, you can try churches, spiritual groups
schools, etc..to be in a place where your gaining something
and enjoying....that will also be online...allow naturally
and we will also work the cycles to best advantage
be the best of your signs...and find your sol sign 60th harmonic
will give you added sign element to use..and you will attract
and find friends, love, success, all things with this formula
...love, practice, and work...the rest may include a date
but I must say I have never dated...only ended up meeting
someone who liked me and we shared our common interest
and it led to more...best; peter (eagle)


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maybeitsyou said:
Just to update everyone things didn't really work out ?
i note the cancer guy you listed as a possible
and why because your sol sign is 10 taurus
and conjunct his moon
that is excellent and shows why you feel the pull

let it work and if it can, it will..


best; eagle


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synastry only, to maybe


You asked:
Does anyone see anything with the attached synastry

I only looked at the synastry.

There is a LOT of tension with the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars), indicating there are personal tensions between you, exciting in the short-run, challenging in the long run. Beware of anger issues with your Uranus (friends, also rebellion) opposite (energy is over-excited by) Mars (being, also anger). You also have Saturn challenges (duty, also authority) between you, indicating you can both come off like the "boss" of the other. Be careful to work together to come to decisions together. The best connection he makes to you is to your Mercury (thinking, also talking) so it will help if you talk out your issues to him.

Wishing you the best,



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Re: synastry only, to maybe

Hello Maybeitsyou, I had a look as well and agree with Tim. It does not look good at all. He has a Pluto-Uranus conjunction in his 12th house of hidden things, very heavy stuff which he carries within. Some extremely unpleasant happenings in very eary childhood which left it's mark and are probably subconscious but will nevertheless work out in his dealings with others, hence his Saturn in the 7th house.

Now your Moon-Saturn (depressed feelings) squares this Pluto-Uranus of his and your Sun does too!! This is asking for problems, sooner or later.
Tim mentioned your Mars-Uranus opposition and this could be triggered by his Saturn, conjunct your Mars and opposite your Uranus. Also, his Mars inconjuncts your Uranus. And his Sun makes a T-square to your Mars-Uranus opposition. As you see a lot of dynamite.

You are much more outgoing and quick in the uptake than he is with Cancer Sun + Mars and Saturn in the 7th in the extrovert sign of Aries, resulting in a very cautious and sometimes suspicious way of confronting others. He has a very hard time trusting other people.

Both your Venusses (expression of love feelings, the give and take) are in opposition with one another. Indeed his Moon in Taurus and his Sun in Cancer are compatible with your Moon in Cancer,(that's probably why he trusts you) but like I said before, his Sun is badly aspected with your Mars and Uranus and your Moon with his Uranus-Pluto conjunction. He can be quite critical with that Jupiter in Virgo and it squares your Mercury. It can also show a dry sense of humor from his side which eventually you won't particularly like. I see this as quite difficult relationship and frankly, the Aquarius guy looked better. Too bad that did not work out.(It needs two to tango and maybe Mr.Aquariusses Venus did not really feel happy (in opposition) with your Moon-Saturn conjunction.

What I noticed that both these men have a weak Mars. One in Pisces, the other in Cancer and both have their Saturn in Aries which inhibits their assertion and inner drive, probably also their sexual assertiveness.

I do hope you will find Mr. right in the near future. Maybe you should give it less attention all this looking for a man. I have noticed that more often than not, in love, the slogan is: he/she who looks, will NOT find. The moment you are relaxed and not thinking about it, you bump into the right guy, maybe just in the bus when your papers fall on the floor and he picks them up, like it happened with my sister.(they are married now).