If Mars were colonized... (philosophy post)


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I did a search to make sure this wasn't already a topic and I found a thread from 2008 that asked a similar question but I don't believe it has been asked recently.

Being so passionate about Astrology I often wonder what the future colonization of Mars (if successful, granted I don't think it will be a cake walk) would change about how the planet energy behaves in a Earth-bound person's birth chart.

Obviously this is just highly philosophical, but I like to be philosophical. :D

There are many angles of this... like if Mars were still rocky and desolate but colonized with cities (habitability within walls, not survivable outside) would it add a dimension of Mars in the natal chart that is contrasted between extremes? Or?

If Mars were slowly (or quickly, who knows what the future holds) re-vegetated, would that change the harsher qualities of Mars in the natal chart? Would Mars come to mean aspects of self that were dead but now brought to life over the standard aggression urge we associate Mars with now?



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I've thought about this many times before. Here are my thoughts...

No matter what happens to Mars, I believe that it will always be associated as the aggressive planet that we know.

If were to colonize Mars, I believe that people born on Mars would have to treat Mars in their chart like Earth. When we read our chart, we kind of don't even pay attention to Earth because we are already on the Earth. We are of the Earth and therefore shouldn't be anymore affect by the Earth because the Earth is always in the same spot for us.

I personally believe that Taurus is ruled by the Earth. People born on Mars would naturally take on a more sporty and aggressive side to them. Everything is competitive and about being the best. People born on the Earth are kind of Taurusy. Everyone cares about money, greed, the pleasures of life, the luxuries. Maybe I'm just being an American, but I feel like people's main focus in life is on Taurus issues because we are born on the Earth.

So people born on Mars would treat the Earth as another planet that influenced them, but they wouldn't pay attention to Mars in their chart because they are already of the planet Mars to begin with.

What's also interesting is that people's Sun's signs would last longer because Mars's orbit takes longer to go around the Sun. There would probably be more Mercury retrogrades too.