I would like to know my faults


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Hi everyone,

I would like to know my possible faults based on my chart, so I might be able to improve them or be at least aware of them. I believe that there are some things we will never notice about ourselves unless it's pointed out, and a chart might be the best place to start.

I've had a wonderful post giving me great insight on a similar matter, and I would like to hear if there may be more to add.

When it comes to Jupiter Saturn opposition, in general it brings about the need to be constantly reassured while sometimes you might appear overly confident. Be careful that this need to prove yourself doesn't lead you to attract people to whom you will indeed have to prove yourself. It is tiring and pointless.

The second house is not only about material wealth but also about how and what you value. This Jupiter-Saturn see-saw an play itself out in constant questioning of self-worth. Be ware of the extreme behaviors and self-indulgence. Saturn requires discipline and rigid organization while Jupiter wants to be free and expand and forget about the duty. Saturn could help you be more responsible with financial resources. But it would also convince you that sharing financial assets is to complicated (no fun) and that you prefer to be free to do as you please.
Also, be ware of get rich quick schemes and gambling.

Regarding the Moon opposite ASC, the thing that comes to minds is that you can somehow sense how others feel (what you do with it is another story). If you are not well grounded, or if you want to present yourself in a better light to be likable, you may in a sense deceive your partner or/and at some point become too tired of the feeling that you are constantly adjusting to others and become resentful.

But if this aspect is used in the constructive way, you could trust your intuition and in a right way be there for your partner without playing a role.

There are some hard aspects in your chart, but I wouldn't call any of them (any aspect for that matter) horrible. They are what they are - potential. And some things that are above your control cannot be avoided. But everything that is about you is something that you can work with. Neptune in 7th can describe a romantic person, but there's a thin line between being romantic and delusional. Sorry. With Neptune reality tends to be blurry and we tend to fantasize. In your case it's about the partners in your life. If you channel this energy you could be intuitive and romantic, but the moment your love stops being selfless, the picture can get distorted. Also, you could attract partners that have some dependency problems (drugs, alcohol etc.). Don't play their savior.

I've just noticed the Sun opposite Pluto. Take good care not to be obsessive, compulsive... This aspect can give you strength, but if you don't watch out it can encourage obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.


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