I want your insights, please.Double stellium and general

Your insights, pretty please. Double stellium and general

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Almost no one is born on the hour or the half hour. Can you find a more accurate birth time? Birth time is extremely important in astrology.


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When I asked my mother she said that she doesn't have it written somewhere. Most probably before the half of the hour but I don't know exactly when. She said it was approximately 6.30 pm ... so I believe it's somewhere between 20-30 minutes.

Being 20-30 minutes off the mark is a huge huge difference in astrology. It often means the difference between being on the mark and having your chart seem like somebody you don't know. In your case it could easily send your ASC possibly into LEO, which makes an enormous difference in interpretation of the chart. with that much difference, I would not be willing to give the most important event in your life which your career a go, knowing that I could easily be very very wrong. I consider the maximum time off of being about 6 minutes; more than that means it could be actually more than 12 minutes off from reality. In astrology 12 minutes is a substantial margin. This is my opinion, of course.

It is possible to rectify the chart using 10-15 major event in your life, but if you don't have major events such as deaths, graduations, births, marriages, etc, then its just kind of hard to get something accurate for awhile.
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I'm sorry, I didn't explain well. The difference is between 10 min maximum. So I would of been born between 6:20 and 6:30... somewhere in between.
I kind of see for a fact that I am a VIRGO ascendant because of my exterior way of beeing. I am reserved, analytical, quite critical sometimes and not so chatty, not until I get to know you.
And my grandfather died almost 2 years ago. In the spring of 2012. Does that count?

As they say in the wizard of OZ, "That's a horse of a different color." So lets just figure its 6:26:37. Its my psychic interpretation of your correct birth time.

Now where were we?


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As they say in the wizard of OZ, "That's a horse of a different color." So lets just figure its 6:26:37. Its my psychic interpretation of your correct birth time.

Now where were we?
Physical appearance indications are worth checking out as well http://reocities.com/athens/delphi/1601/physical.html RON BIPPUS researched over forty years
and found correlation between rising decan and appearance
- article includes photos of celebrities as examples

At the time of delivery
the medical team are focused on the health and safety of mother and child
NOT on noting an accurate time of birth
so the time of birth is noted AFTER the mother has delivered the newborn
AND after the newborn has had their airways cleared, is breathing, has been weighed, washed and clothed
- all of which takes time.
Very few people have an accurate time of birth.


astrologers use a technique known as 'Rectification' in order to confirm the official time of birth :smile:

at http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51626

List major life events such as academic rewards, degree, diplomas, exams passed, operations, hospital admissions of any kind, accidents, relocation to a new home, relocation abroad, marriages, divorces, births, deaths, starting first job, leaving old job, starting new job, anything important.

When looking back at transits for major events in life, as well as noting all aspects from transiting planets to the angles, remember to note in particular aspects from all the rulers of the ASC/MC/IC/DESC to other planets as well as to the angles themselves

If you focus on the seven visible planets to begin with, then you'll find that you have more than enough aspects to cope with - especially if you have many exact dates of events to check!

Btw exclude dates that are "give or take a couple of weeks" as being totally too inaccurate!

Specific dates for major events means the actual exact day as well as the precise time of the occurrence

(a) Health involves the physical body, hence examine transits to the ascendant, transits to the ascendant ruler and transits by the ascendant ruler to the angles/other planets on the specific day of any health issues

(b) divorce AND marriage BOTH involve transits to the Descendant, transits to the descendant ruler, and transits by the descendant ruler to the angles/other planets on the specific day of the decree nisi

(c) divorce AND marriage BOTH involve MC as well. So examine transits to MC and to MC ruler, as well as transits by MC ruler to any of the angles by conjunction, trine, square and/or opposition
Good idea to focus on the following basics when analyzing your data relating to specific dates and times of events:

(a) any planets on the angles, i.e. any planet conjunct, trine, square or opposing any angle.

(b) any ruler of any one of the four angles on any one of the angles. i.e. any ruling planet of any one of the four angles that is conjunct, trine, square or opposing any angle

No harm in learning basic rectification, don't be put off by thinking it is 'too difficult/complicated/puzzling' - it is an interesting and rewarding exercise.

Have fun!
What you are sleuthing for are

(a) transiting planets close to or at the degree of your ascendant/descendant for the given time of birth

(b) transiting planets close to or at the degree of your MC/IC for the given time of birth

as you continue to focus on the seven visible planets and the degrees they occupy on the specific dates and times you have chosen

note in particular
IF on the same day a planet aspects by conjunction, opposition, square, sextile, trine:

(1) the approximate degree you currently have for the Ascendant

while another planet on the same day aspects by conjunction, opposition, square, sextile, trine:

(2) the approximate degree you currently have for the MC

traditional astrology planet domiciles for each ascendant are as follows:

Aries Ascendant = Mars
Taurus Ascendant = Venus
Gemini Ascendant = Mercury
Cancer Ascendant = Moon
Leo Ascendant = Sun
Virgo Ascendant = Mercury
Libra Ascendant = Venus
Scorpio Ascendant = Mars
Sagittarius Ascendant = Jupiter
Capricorn Ascendant = Saturn
Aquarius Ascendant = Saturn
Pisces Ascendant = Jupiter


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There are differences of opinions regarding whether a 'stellium' consists of three or more planets in a house
or four or more planets in a house


A 'stellium' is delineated similarly to when there are two or more planets in the same house


When many planets are found together in the same house and their dispositor is located in another
the affairs signified by this latter will form the point of departure for whatever fortune or misfortune is produced by the group of planets. (Cf. Rule 63) http://www.forumonastrology.com/foa/newmain.html
Based on astrological methods of 17th century astrologer MORIN DE VILLEFRANCHE as taught by ZOLTAN MASON of New York - seeing chart as a whole integrated unit


'…..The more planets there are physically together in a house,
the more this will indicate something extraordinary in terms of house meanings
as each planet operates according to its nature
and its own other determinations.

The most powerful action on house significations is from the planet that is house ruler
from the planet in exaltation

and thirdly,
from planet possessing closest natural analogy with house meanings.

When dignity and analogy are not found together in the same planet
consider the two or three planets together
in which these conditions are separately realized....'


'….When, among many planets occupying the same house,
some correspond by their analogy to the meanings attached to the house,
whereas others are contrary to them,
then ascertain which of these two groups is most powerful.
If the former, the affairs indicated will be achieved
if the latter, their realization will be impeded or prevented.

When the planets occupying the same house are all benefics,
they anticipate fulfillment of good fortune and suppression of misfortune indicated by the house.
If they are malefics, the contrary will occur,
unless they are in good zodiacal state in a favorable house......'


If, in a fortunate house
a benefic planet is followed by another benefic,
good produced by house affairs will be stable.

If benefic is followed by malefic,
fortune acquired will be lost.

In an unfortunate house
benefic followed by another benefic indicates misfortune will not be realized
or if it is
in an extremely limited way.

If this benefic is followed by a malefic
the misfortune signified by the house will certainly occur but the native will escape it.

But if a malefic is followed by another malefic
the misfortunes caused will be very serious
and the native will never escape them....