I want to know about my career!


I am a lazy guy. I have no idea what my destiny is. Please help me!

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Are you really a lazy guy? I wouldn't think so from your moon in virgo exactly conjunct your MC and in a tight grand trine which includes the sun.


thanks for your reply. but my parents and sister all say im lazy. and i just like sitting in front of my computer at home.
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Looks Like Saturn In 12 Is Opposite Your Mars In Sixth.

Looks Like Old People Are Your True Enemies.

Mars Shows That You Will Like To Do Work But Only By Your Own Style And Shows A Hard Worker When Needed.

Saturn Placement May Show That You Get Exhausted Quickly Too And Need To Recharge Your Batteries.

Your Posted Chart Is Difficult To Read With A Black Background

Bye For Now

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To some extent your parents and sister may be correct, but don't despair! With Grand Trines the talent is there; your 'lesson' is in bringing it out and accepting that hard work is necessary for success;

People with grand trines in their chart are considered by astrologers to have most of their emotional, mental, physical, and familial needs met early in life and as a result expect that this provision of resources, acquired without any effort on their part, will continue indefinitely. These individuals are then thought to grow into adults expecting special treatment, seldom feeling driven to work for that which they desire. As a result of this, they may fail to develop the social and intellectual skills necessary to get on in life.
Multiple grand trines in a chart are thought to be especially debilitating to the person who has inherited it because more planets are involved in such a configuration. In such a chart, astrologers forecast that the native may become a drifter, someone who does not possess enough drive or ambition to accomplish anything of any significance. They believe that although the bearer has many talents and skills at his disposal, he often does not possess the motivation to utilise them and they lie inert within his psyche.

Also check out: http://www.cafeastrology.com/articles/aspectpatterns.html

Hope that helps!