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I asked the question "Will I have true love in the next year?" today at 11:52 AM and got a late ascendant. Why? How could I possibly know if I will find love? My ancient astrology reading material says that late ascendant can indicate a person asked a question "out of despair", which is valid. Why would anyone ask this question nonchalantly?

I took the chart to be radical, as the hour ruler is moon (in Pisces), and the ascendant is Jupiter rising. Now my concerns are as follows:

1. Is mercury (7th house ruler) the significator for this question, or is it venus, the 5th house ruler? When I asked the question, my mind was on real committed love , not just a relationship and pleasureable moments.

2. Is the aspect of the moon to my significator Jupiter a "yes" answer? The moon also happens to be hidden in the 7th house of this chart!

3. Or is the fact that mercury is combust and R at 0 degrees scorpio indicate
a big fat "no"?

4. If the significator for this question is Venus, what does it mean that Venus is at 29 degrees Leo entering relationship-focused Libra? Does that not indicate changes coming soon? a possible turn of events?

5. Is Saturn in this chart collecting light between Venus and Jupiter?

These features on this chart have confounded me today. Obviously I hoped to find a definite yes to this question, but these signs point to "I don't know, maybe" at best. I appreciate a discussion on this, feel free to help me out please! Thank you!

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William Lilly said of the early or late degrees of the ascending sign that it was still safe to judge if the querent's natal ascendant is of those degrees.

In matters of love/relationships its the 7th house for partner. 5th house is house of fun/pleasure/sex