I think I found my dream job!!


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Hi Friends,

I posted on here a couple months ago asking whether or not I should take a job working in a Library! I never heard back except for a question of the way I worded my question. My question was " Would working in the Library be a good match for me? -- Does my chart indicate that I would make a good Librarian" ???

Long story short-- I ended up taking the job, and its been wonderful! I've decided to become a Librarian! I am so in love with working at the Library. I work in the Children's Department of a very big and busy city library. I help all kinds of people, and I also work closely with Librarians who teach me a lot. Every day I go to work with a smile on my face, and I leave just as happy. My boss is a Leo, he is the best boss I have ever had!!! He has really taken me under his wing and taught me a lot. He also built up my confidence a great deal. I work with wonderful people, and I just "know" that this is the field I belong in. My boss and the other Librarians are all very supportive of my goals, and wants me to succeed and fulfill my goal of becoming a Librarian.

I am asking again, does my chart indicate success in working in a Library? Also does my chart indicate more success working right where I am (children's department) -- or should I move to a more serious field like reference, cataloging, rare books collection? I am so very happy where I am. I have never been so blissfully happy in a career. :)

Thanks :)


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Congratulations :)

I'm newish to reading charts but here's what I see:

Your Sun (rules the 6th) is in Gemini in the 3rd H.
Jupiter (rules the 9th/10th) is in the 5th.
DC in Virgo.
Neptune conjunct MC.
AC in Pisces.

Your core being has a tendency to be of service or enjoys daily routine that is in service of writing, communicating or short distance travel. That reminds me of books taking me on a trip in my mind :)

Your talents or your learning process combines pursuits in "higher learning", study or interest in other cultures AND your public image or career. All of these activities serve your desire to create, be creative, have fun, or somehow relates to children. Definitely sounds like a children's librarian lol!

I think with your Virgoan attention to detail, you'd be great at more rigorous study in the other sectors you mentioned. You can take a course that gives you a little taste of different focus areas and try it hands on before deciding.

The energy you are drawn to in your partnerships are people who are organized, quiet, and enjoy being of service to others. Your career may likely be inspired by helping people or creative/artistic/visionary in some way. Your personality is in soothing Pisces who enjoys calm and being in a dream world, among other characteristics. All of which seems great for being a librarian if that's what you choose :)


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Your Saturn in the 6th House in Virgo may indicate that hard work can be a challenge. Is routine okay if it serves your hopes & dreams though?

Your Sun squares Saturn. Is there a voice inside acting as your inner parent? I think you took a lot of steps to "test out" if this move was the right one for you. It seems you have a good community of support around you at work to discuss your career path. You've made decisions carefully and thoughtfully.

I think that will help you in life no matter what you decide!