I noticed a pattern of 'changing people's lives' for better or for worse...


Here is my chart: https://imgur.com/a/RHvX7p6

I know it is a strange request, but I have noticed that once I get into someone's life (either as a friend, lover or whatever) their lives change completely.

It usually happens that I feel like I bring 'misfortune' to those around me. People lose money, or they have accidents when I'm around... I know I shouldn't think like this, but I have also noticed that tragedy follows, nothing happens to me, but the people around always seem affected by my presence. Even my grandmother have told me that I am a 'bad luck charm'.

On the other hand, when people are unlucky and befriend me, their lives change for the better. They become more outgoing, happier and even a bit more fulfilled!

My best friend is a Taurus Sun/Aries Moon and he lost his son just 3 days before we met, and ever since I always make sure to call him, visit him, give him presents and he told me that if it wasn't for me, he would not be able to get through the pain of losing his son.

Would be nice to know if there is any type of explanation in my chart as to why I bring all that 'change' on those around me?


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Maybe it’s just life.

Or maybe any psychological turmoil felt on the inside is physically reflected on the inside in the form of subconscious collective archetypes that naturally is exist for all of us. And by healing ourselves we will begin to see changes in these archetypes around us. To begin this process maybe all we need to do is ask the Universes to show it to us.

With your heavy 8th house it makes sense you would be acutely aware of this and you are beginning to unravel its mystery.