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So this is a relocation chart of me in a city i have opportunity to live in for a month (not very safe one). Any opinions because i am really confused?


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Relocation charts just tell you something about how you would relate to a particular place. They don't replace your original birth chart. No matter where you are, the gifts and challenges presented by your original birth chart are the ones you're operating with. And if you're only going to live in this city for a month, that's not going to make a significant difference. The chart says something about how you'd experience that city for the month you're there, but that's all. It's about how your vacation is likely to go for you.

Looks like the houses most emphasized in the chart are the ninth and the first. That suggests that your experience of living there would bring about change in your self image and how you interact with the world (first house) and that it would be an expansive, perhaps exotic, experience (ninth house). If this city is in a foreign country, that would explain it. If it's not, then I would think it's still very different, somehow, from what you're used to. Maybe more diverse. Maybe you have educational opportunities there. Something like that. Or maybe you just find the whole thing a big learning, changing your perspective experience.