I need help putting it all together...

Hi everyone.

I know the basics of interpreting, but when it comes to putting everything together (e.g. the aspects, the planets in the houses, chiron, nodes, MC, IC, etc.) I'm having a hard time. :? Maybe it's my Virgo excessive attention to detail kicking in, but I can't see the big picture! :wink: I love astrology and I would love to one day have the sense of a true self-discovery, followed by acceptance and finally, peace. (Also, if anyone has any personal experiences or stories about how astrology has affected them, I would love to hear it!)

I'll post my chart, and if anyone could help me put it all together it would be greatly appreciated. :wink:



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putting it all together


You said:
...when it comes to putting everything together...I'm having a hard time. Confused Maybe it's my Virgo excessive attention to detail kicking in, but I can't see the big picture!

To simplify interpretation, it helps to look at the places where the chart details form some type of pattern. One pattern which is easily seen is the number of planets in any one sign. In your chart, you have the most planets in the sign of Virgo (details) and Capricorn (duty, also structure), which indicates a need to "structure the details".

Also look for aspect patterns. The two most apparent aspect patterns in your chart are the many T-squares and the cradle. The T-squares focus the energy at the place where the squares come together...in your case in the 9th house (expansion, also wisdom). This indicates a need to learn and know as much as possible.

The cradle aspect tends to focus energy on the "cradle" side. So you tend to focus almost entirely on the outer world (since most on the "cradle side" are there. This could indicate a challenge in "seeing inside yourself". For more about cradles see:

For more about "big picture" holistic astrology see:

Cradling on the square,