I need help please peeps??



Can any learned astrologer help a soul out, and see any light in my chart.

Especially anyparticular influences and the t-square in my chart.

Male born Jul 29 1980, 3:15 am
wolverhampton, england (52N36 2W08)

A very sudden end to a five year platonic love relationship left me in tatters last august????? Is there a future with my ex or is it history.
Any other interesting readings regards usual life matters also much appreciated.

Thank in advance for taking the trouble.



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Transformation in relationships


Since you are aware of your T-square, it seems that you are, in part a "learned astrologer"! :wink: The T-square is a focus on Scorpio (transformation, also sex) Uranus (friends, also impulse) focused in the 5th house (self-expression, also dating), indicating impulsive, possibly sexual dating. To understand more about relationships in your life we can look at Libra/Venus/7th house. You have two energies in Libra; Venus (relationships) opposite (energy is over-excited by) Neptune (spirituality, also idealization); and no focus in the 7th house (relationships). So you have some energy in relationships, can tend to idealize relationships (looking for the "perfect" relationship), but have no focus in having relationships for the sake of having relationships.

Currently you have transiting (movement of planets in the sky) Pluto (transformation) conjuncting your birth Neptune (spirituality, also illusion) and opposing (energy is over-excited by) Venus (relationships). Strong Pluto contacts (such as yours) force us to "clean house" and get rid of the people, things, ideas, etc. which we have outgrown our need for. So this is a time of "getting rid of" your idealization of relationships. This is a LONG transit (lasting for a few more years), so it is a good time to accept that dates come and dates go...and there are plenty more fish in the sea! :wink: Rather than try to recover what is over, get out there and do some more fishing! :wink:

And, if you want to teach yourself to fish, try learning basic astrological chart interpretation here:

Urging acceptance of transformation,