I need help in reading my solar return chart


Hello to everyone

Once again I wish a very good year to everybody.
I need your help, because my past year was awful, really really difficult. I had to fight against dishonest people at work, I work a lot a lot a lot, and I had nothing on return, no congratulations, no thank you, nothing…
I feel a bit depressed and I think I don’t have anymore strength to fight or defend myself at work against a dishonest direction.
Can you please help me reading my solar return chart? Is it bad ( I have a stellium in house 8, my solar return ascendant conjunct my natal ascendant but falls in house 12).
I must confess I lost my last illusions about gratitude and honesty at work. I helped many people who forgot me when they didn’t need me anymore.
Thanks for your help

My natal chart

My solar return chart




Here is my natal chart


Here is my solar return chart


I thank you a lot by advance for your help because I really feel betrayed by so many people, specially at my office. I try to keep a helpful attitude, but I have so much of my energy and my willing for my company…. And today my manager congratulates those who were lazy, who didn’t work a lot, but those who know how to behave at work ( I mean talk a lot during meetings but doing nothing the rest of the time) . That disgust me totally.
Forgive me if my English is not too good , I m French, but I hope I am understable.

Thanks a lot again



I also noticed I have a stellium in house 8 in my solar return chart ( Venus, mercury, Saturn and Pluto) . Is 2022 will be very bad for me.
Thanks a lot by advance for you help