I Misplaced My Writing Notebook!


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Hey, everyone! I'm a writer and I have dozen of notebooks and notepads where I draft things. But this particular one has been misplaced. It contains some content I need to help me apply to this program. I haven't really since this particular notebook in about a year or so. It's short with this blue/green padding all around it. I can visualize it myself. Has other paper stapled in it. I know that it's in the house and that may be in a box or around other paper; it's just that the possibilities are almost endless, lol! Help!

Chart below!
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There are 3 testimonies it will be found!
It can be at places near a chimney, stoves, furnace room, room where machinery and tools are kept, room with locked doors or closets, places where iron or junk is stored, area where guns and ammunition are kept, under ashtrays, hat boxes, near ceilings, roofs or doorways, in rooms predominantly red in color, tool closets and a room with fireplaces.
Ruler, Mars, in 7 house means partner or someone else maybe the one who will find it or who will be involved in finding it, or have seen it or put it somewhere. Look at bedroom, living room, formal dining room. Usually in plain sight. The partner's room, office or place of business.

Direction: West
Near colour: red, black, muddy greens, brown

POF is in Sag in 2nd house. That means to look at upper floors of a house, upper rooms or near the fire or radiator near church "things", places of worship or places where you keep sport's things, places where entertainment of guests is held, rooms where insurance policies are kept, a room where pets are allowed in the house, place where prayer books and college books are stored, among college memorabilia, place where woolen products are stored, room where very expensive furniture or imported things are.
POF in 2nd house means to look at kitchen, storeroom or larder, cloakroom or wardrobe, room next to the entrance or where money or precious things are kept.

Direction: north by east
Near colour: deep blue, purple, red, grey