I love you!


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I love you! Will you read my chart? :w00t:

Kidding, of course, but I would love to have someone read my chart. I'm interested in issues of career, marriage and love, and I would also be interested in seeing if there are astrological reasons for why deciding the best course of action is so difficult for me (and anything that might help me with that.) I can be absolutely convinced of one course of action for days and then change my mind completely. And then I don't know which of the conclusions was the "real" or authentic one.


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I see the problem in your chart, relating to an afflicted Jupiter. Jupiter holds the hope that we will expand and gain wisdom through our experience. It relates to the decision making process, along with Mercury.
We note that Jupiter afflicts the Sun, Mars and Neptune, but is trine Mercury; thus there are times, as you have noted, that you can feel quite decided in your mind about making a choice, while other times you flounder with self-doubt and confusion [that would be indicated by the influence of Neptune over your Jupiter]. Neptune can often confuse us about what is real, or genuine, and what is not. Jupiter in Pisces can be rather dubious and passive, sometimes causing one to be indecisive and changeable.
Jupiter with the Sun suggests that your sense of Identity is involved in your decision making process; you may fear damaging your Identity in the eyes of others by making erroneous decisions.
Mercury in Cancer also shows a mind strongly linked to past memories, so in the present you can be overly concerned about past patterns and conditioning that you try hard not to repeat.
In terms of love it is noted that you have a strong affliction in the 5th H involving Pluto, Mars and Moon.
The house of love and creativity is governed by the Virgo influence, which can be hypercritical and perfectionistic at times, making for difficulties in relationships.
I would love to read your chart in greater depth, should you wish to PM me.


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Thank you so much. I haven't had anyone point out the part about Jupiter and the decision-making process before. Also interested in the "strong affliction" in the 5th house. Affliction is a concept I'm not familiar with. I'll PM you!


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Well aren't you super understanding and communicative.

Going on further on this Jupiter route- it's with pieces making it an awake planet. However it's also a very young planet. Jupiter and the moon are good friends, but there trine doesn't mean much IMO. I only say this cuz Uranus isn't one to have relationships with planets, it's super far from our personal planets.
But you'll probably get an awakened lover who will provide for you (based on this version of your chart) Or to say- you will bring out these qualities in him- or add upon his in a beneficial way.

You've got a young, watery moon. Hey man, I think water signs are more intuitive people- just tend to have a harder time with the mental self-discipline. Although this is unfortunate for you - I see it usually creating a very understanding soul. But I do suggest you take on mental discipline and mediation, those tools will help you immensely.


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Too understanding, some say...too communicative, some say. ;)

My indecisiveness is usually about love relationships and friends. I'll stay with people way too long because I can always see the value in them and experiences with them and because I so hate hurting people. Including myself. I fear separation. Ya know, just your usual bag of crazy. I hide it pretty well from most people.

Does that gel with what you were saying about Jupiter or would you expect it to be related to something else?

Thank you so much for the reading!