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I will make an Horarychart with your information with your location, etc.

I did not understand to use your information. I had never heard of this approach before.

I will add it to my Horary post. Give me a few minutes to do this.



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Actually I did do a Horary the other night but posted it in Verdic Astrology. I submit it here for your review.

Thank you!!


No, what you did was post your natal chart to the Vedic forum. At least, that is what it appears, as the chart is dated for Wednesday April 14th, 1954.

While horary cannot grant what is not promised natally, an horary chart has a "birthday/time" for when the question was asked.

You notice I made mention earlier of having experince with lawsuit charts?

Tsmall states:

Originally Posted by DebbieMarie54

Thank you Tsmall. I would love to do that!!

But I'm very confused about the time you suggest. Or am I misunderstanding what you wrote?

Would I not plug in my location, time, etc?? Awaiting your response.

Hello DebbieMarie. Horary has rules, though there has been some debate on them here recently...

The question is born when someone who is able to recieve the question and cast the chart, therefore query the Universe, does so. You posted your question to an astrological forum. Even though you were doing so by trying to look at transits and progressions. waybread (bless her) even suggested that horary would be the way to go to get specific answers to your questions. By posting a specific question to a forum for astrologers, you were basically asking an astrologer to answer it. Are you following me?

I have seen the thread over the course of it's life, but only clicked into it today...because it is still alive. Once I did, as an astrologer (gosh, I just said that out loud for the first time) I "received and understood" the question, and so cast the chart.

You would not want to change the location, time, etc, because you did not query the Universe yourself, as the person casting the chart. Am I making sense?

Yes it's confusing with so many authorities past and present letting certain rules slide or altering them as in:


Lilly could see what the querant actually looked like, like where they had moles, scars, build, hair color, etc., from the time he understood there query.

So it may be safer to judge a horary if the first horary artist casts the horary; at least you may have 51%to 60% agreement from many past and present authoritys!:ninja: