I have met a new boy and i'm crazy about him


Hello Everyone,

I just met a younger guy (2 years younger) and since i've met him i'm really drawn to him.

I'm totally attracted, he made me forget about so many woes of mine.

Only problem is i keep stalling with him he wants me then he doesn't anymore...

He's very immature i think he might be scared that i want something serious.:confused:

here's the composite

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Welcome, composites can be interpreted Free off astro.
Composite charts
If you go to www.astro.com click on free horoscopes, go to Interactive horoscopes, go down to Astroclick partner, that will bring up a composite chart and when you put the mouse over a planet will bring up a pop up box with the interpretation......

But you do need both times of birth to be accurate though.. enjoy.

Composites describe the relationship, not either one of you, but what you came together to learn or to do and how the 'pair of you' function when together....

The synastry grid shows your moon,uranus conj touching his vertex and uranus which can seem very exciting emotional but unstable. Your suns are in square 90' in fixed signs, both being stubborn, Leo always wants control and is very bossy and wants to be centre of attention and have it's ego stroked, which taurus may well get fed up with.


To start with it's best to look at the individual needs of each persons chart and how they relate and what they are looking for.

when looking at a womans chart the type of man she would look for is her sun sign and mars traits, plus 7th house planets and house cusp ruler and where that ruler was deposited.
When looking at a mans chart for the type of woman he would look for is his venus and moon sign and then 7th house planets and house cusp ruler and where that ruler was deposited.

Your Asc in Gemini and desc in Sagg with Uranus conj Moon is already the typical divorce aspect, cos either you or your partner wants and needs lots of freedom and independence within relationships. But your emotions are volatile and in Sagg can be a bit of a thrill of the chase me merchant, or catch me if you can and Moon alone is Sagg is usually quite mature before settling down anyway.

His moon conj venus suggests stress from mother in early childhood and his view of mum and women. Leo is quite capable of throwing it's toys of the pram and his mercury in Virgo may be quite exacting/nit picking and mentally worrier about 'what people will think' of him and his public image

You could have the best synastry in the world, but unless you have good communications, are honest with each other about your needs, wishes and desires and 'both' of you want the same things...........then nothing will happen. It cannot make anyone change, or love you more. Some challenging squares, oppositions in synastry can be healthy, and may require one or both of you to grow in some way.

I am of the belief that people come in and out of our lives for a reason, either we have to teach them something or we have to learn something from them. There is Always an exchange, good or bad.

Good luck with your journey