I have been fighting too long and I could use some guidance


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Hey everyone I was wondering if someone could kindly check out my chart . My entire life I have had health issues these health issues are a result of bad dental work that caused toxic metals in my body and a boat load of auto immune illness Im now in the process of healing and that has caused this vicious cycle of me putting aside all other factors in life so I can heal/rest and it's been a very lonely existence and I feel I'm just settling in life always.
There so much I want I can't seem to obtain.
I have no money ever I'm always struggling financially. I also haven't maintained a relationship longer then 3 months .
Can I please get some advice ?
I would love to finally heal someday I'd also really like to find a life partner and maybe have an opportunity to have a child although.
What can you see in my chart?
Thank you for helping me have hope to anyone who responds ❤️

My chart :
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Hi kfiore-- Welcome to the forum. I am sorry you've been struggling.

If you can say something about your principal health issues that would be helpful and make this less of a guessing game. If you don't have solid diagnoses, maybe say something about your symptoms.

The following is based on the assumption that you have a correct birth time. If not, what I say might be off.

Saturn seems to be a major player in your chart. Saturn too often shows where we feel lonely, inadequate, or over-burdened. But Saturn also rules self-discipline, hard work, frugality, and patience. So as you look at your problems, think about where and how self-discipline and patience might be helpful.

You've got Saturn opposite your moon and Chiron. Chiron is a little planetoid that shows us "where it hurts." The moon, among other things, rules your emotional nature. If we put the three of them together, you've got a kind of recipe for feeling (moon) discouraged (Saturn) and that life is painful (Chiron.)

However, Chiron, like Saturn, has a positive nature, as well. It is that if we stay open to those hurts and don't try to suppress them, we gain in wisdom and compassion.

Your second house of money, with Capricorn on the cusp, is also ruled by Saturn. Neptune combined with Saturn can make it hard for you to get a realistic sense of your money. But here Saturn asks you to keep a strict budget and account for every penny. Neptune is a planet of unreality. Money doesn't work that way, however. Here Saturn's self-discipline and frugality can be really helpful.

We can talk more about your health problems. It's just that each type of illness of injury has multiple factors at play, and each planet, sign, and house has multiple interpretations consistent with its core meanings. One thing, though, is that with your north node of the moon in the 6th house of health, your personal growth will actually come from learning to best manage your health needs.

But wow. You have sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aries in the 5th house! The 5th house deals with one's children, if any; but also with one's leisure activities. Aries needs to be independent and courageous. What are you doing, or can you do, to strengthen your sun? Are you well enough for some kind of athletic activity? The sun represents your core vitality, and if you aren't supporting it, your health overall can suffer.T

These may just look like baby-steps, but the universe notices when you take them.


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Thank you for your interpretation! That made tons of sense !
I work out when I can and I really enjoy it it makes life better but part of balancing my health has been learning to not push myself too much in order to heal more quickly
My health issues are complicated first I have a very sensitive body . Years ago I got a bunch of bad dental work and I also got breast implants the combination of both threw my body ecology way off I can't handle anything that's not real. I learned this the hard way .
I have since got all that's not me removed from my body as of last year and now it's just up to detoxing the chemicals I think but it's not happening as quickly as I'd like.
I deal with thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, and just feeling generally unwell most days with chronic migraines. I have tons of hair loss and skin rashes and a side effect of all this is panic and anxiety.
I'd really like to meet someone but I'm not healthy enough to maintain a relationship and I feel so lonely
I'd also really like to go back to college which I have but after one semester I was forced to withdraw because the stress of classes made me crash the semester beforehand.
It's a vicious cycle my entire life has been sadness around my physical health it puts up walls and boundaries that are not fair. I am more then capable of obtaining things mentally but my health throws the breaks on and I just was wondering if anyone could shed light on when/if it will end.
For a while I had no idea why I was sick it was a huge mystery but I found a Facebook page with thousands of woman sick like me and they explained the issues. So in a way I'm thankful I'm on the right path finally but it's so hard to be patient because I waisted so much time not knowing, ya know?
I am not really sure what else I can do to be more disciplined . I am very open to suggestions if there's something I can do to help. I already eat a very healthy diet and revolve my life around my self care . As for money due to my illness I'm on disability assistance which keeps my income flowing but nothing substantial and 90 percent of my money goes to by supplements for my body's health and healthy food. I am the epitome of discipline when it comes to health lol I have to be and my mars in the 6th helps with this I'm sure :)
I feel a lost in my life I'm 36 now and I'm not getting younger and I haven't had a chance to do anything most people do by this age like career/partner/children.
This is why I posted this I am so sad, am I running out of time?
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Thanks for the feedback. I do hope you can feel better soon.

If you had breast implants removed, and can keep your teeth healthy, that is a good idea. You've got that Saturn opposite moon/Chiron. Saturn and Chiron are the Planets of Pain in this configuration. Saturn rules hard tissues like the teeth and hair. It also rules the skin as an organ of the body. The moon (together with Venus) rules the breasts.

The moon also rules your emotional nature, and it's not surprising if you feel discouraged. Your gloomy feelings may not accurately reflect your circumstances, just that you are apt to feel (moon) discouraged (Saturn.)

A good aphorism for your exalted moon in Taurus combined with Chiron is, "I am gaining in wisdom and compassion."

The moon also rules your mother. Many medical astrologers believe that physical problems are outward manifestations of unresolved inner issues. Was your mother a source of support for you, growing up, or a source of conflict? If it was the latter, anything you can do to be on better terms with her (or with her memory) should be beneficial.

Mars in your 6th house suggests that you are troubled by inflammation; and yes, headaches are possible because Mars opposes Pluto, and squares Jupiter, the ruler of your first house. The different houses rule different body parts, with the first house ruling the head.

This may be very hard to take, but your north node (of the moon) of personal growth is located in your 6th house of illness and health. Your personal growth in this lifetime seems to be about your health journey.

The 6th house also deals with the principle of service. People with a significant 6th/12th house axis are said to have a "serve or suffer" lifetime. If you are engaged in some form of volunteer work, as your health permits, that should be beneficial.

The 6th house also rules small animals. If they wouldn't trigger any allergies, looking after a pet, or volunteering at a local animal shelter should be beneficial.

Neptune is prominent in your first house. It rules, among other things, illnesses that are difficult to diagnose as well as drugs-- legal and illegal. Neptune squares your sun, the seat of your vitality. If you can avoid taking a lot of expensive supplements, focusing instead on your dietary nutrition and fitness, you may see some improvement. Jupiter rules your liver, and it's squaring Mars. Possibly you are giving your liver too much to handle.

There is a saying, that "What you resist, persists." As horrid as this might sound, in embracing your health problems-- the full packages-- as a focus of your journey in this lifetime, you might feel your stress diminishing.

Have you tried taking a course or two on-line via a distance education program? You don't need to attend classes on campus for these. You might Google a course title you would enjoy plus "distance education" and see what comes up. With Covid seriously limiting on-campus instruction these days, distance ed is becoming mainstreamed. You will probably find yourself in frequent contact with your instructor and fellow students.

Saturn tends to reward his apt pupils later in life.

If you are new to astrology, one book I highly recommend is Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky.

With so much Aries in your chart, in some fashion, I think you need to be the woman warrior.


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I really appreciate all these details ! Sorry for the delay life gets crazy. I have Ben thinking of all types of stuff so I hope you don't mind this is lengthy if you have the time
For the first thread you mentioned Chiron

Any advice on healing the Chiron so I'm not alone forever

As about my triple Aries in the 5th house i do feel like a woman warrior sometimes .
You say strengthen my sun this means do "fire" like things right? Other then working out what else is there ?

I understand the 5th house deals with children can you see anything from that lineup I have that says future children possibly for me?

And for the second second thread

Is it that because my moon opposite Saturn I may be dealing with these health's issues manifested in my body as the body is the subconscious right?
What could you suggest I do to be on better terms with Saturn?I agree, and I knew this before ever studying Astrology Saturn has always been a huge part of my life. I feel I have a very difficult time figuring out my Saturn because it's in the 12th . It's not tangible I have no idea what I can work on . It's just always there tipping me up .

I've definitely had a very hard time with my mother all my life . I have though recently tried to mend that and accept she can't love and support me the way I would like. I think it's amazing you can see that from my chart!

As for my node placement I figured as much with my health issues . It's been ongoing since I was 12 so I stopped praying for miracle healings. I still feel like things do need to get somewhat better then they are though but since I've been really into looking toward the stars for this answer lately it's been more clear to me it has to be a block somewhere or an emotional problem I'm having contributing to it's intensity and I'm just having a very hard time figuring out what exactly that is and where it's located .

I do have a dog and he is my everything he has saved my life I actually rescued him a time a was volunteering at an animal shelter. My health isn't good enough for that type of work again though.

I have a question for the 6th house is it really all negative and about illness or can it be about vitality too? I see mixed things when I look about the meaning of houses online .

You say above my Neptune is in my first but I see it in my second are you accounting for it being so close to the cusp I may effect my 1st and second houses?

And one last time as for Saturn 🪐 you say he rewards for hard work which I really love that idea because I do work heard but I just wish Saturn could be more clear on what the 12th really confuses me, especially with my south node there as well for I'm not in jail the hospital and I don't do drugs I'm pretty pure/clean and do the right thing type gal lol. Any idea what Saturn could be saying
How can I work with my Saturn honestly looking back I can't even understand my Saturn returns to get an idea for myself .

With sun mercury and Venus and Aries I do feel like a woman warrior sometimes lol . I am learning with all my astrology studies this means I have a stellium in Aries correct?

Lastly, this Jupiter in aquarius transit we are having right now how can I see this effect my Jupiter in aquarius in my 3rd?

I got the book you recommended and I read half of it already thank you so much !

I also wrote down all your aphorism in my phone calendar and your quotes are on my fridge as well

Your a great messenger . I wish you well
Thank you for your time 🙂
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kfiore, thank you for your kind words.

I cannot go through your questions one by one and give you firm predictive results. I think astrology indicates good and bad times, or likely vs. unlikely times for something to happen, but I don't believe in a deterministic, fatalistic astrology that takes away the elements of choice and decision-making from people.

Just briefly: Chiron asks us to stay open to our hurts and emotional wounds. He may not give us what we want, but he does offer us wisdom and compassion. You can be a blessing to other people struggling with your issues, because you're been there, and know what they're experiencing.

One of the worst things single people do when they are too lonely (and I am not saying you are like this) is to project a lot of need onto the first likely date who shows up. This makes the average self-confident person head for the hills. So it's best to work on your own self-confidence because that is attractive to other people.

For Aries, try to challenge yourself. Working out is a great idea, but you could add a lot of different activities to test your courage. You know the saying, "What would you do it you weren't afraid?" Wear more red.

I don't see why you couldn't have children, with Venus in the 5th house and the moon exalted in Taurus.

With Saturn in the 12th, you might try some kind of contemplative discipline, like meditation. The 12th rules people who are shut-in in some way, which can be voluntary and of short duration. The 12th also has a mystical component. Maybe schedule some time every day to light some incense or candles, seclude yourself, and practice some relaxation methods. Yoga if this appeals to you. Saturn does well with self-discipline.

The 6th house traditionally deals with illness, but today we are not quite so negative about it. A robust 6th house would relate to good health. Generally Mars relates to injuries or inflammation, while the moon relates to emotional health and female organs.

Re: Neptune: you're right. Normally I use Placidus houses, so sometimes interpolate a bit when I see whole signs. Neptune in the first can give a life-long identity quest, because the first gives your outward personality and body. This is reinforced by your sun square Neptune. It can also relate to illnesses that are hard to diagnose. Neptune in the 2nd house can suggest a sense of unreality about money. You can see whether one or the other, or both, relate more to you.

Jupiter ideally confers a sense of optimism and faith. It doesn't mean the check in the male so much as feeling more confident in the circumstances you have.

Best wishes for your journey.