I HAVE ARRIVED. XD just kidding. but really, hello. :D

:D My name is Anna, I'm 16 years old, Virgo-sun, Virgo-moon, Sagittarius-ascendant, and a whole bunch of other things. :lol: I'm kind of new to this whole astrology business, but I think it's really fascinating so far and full of cool discoveries. Ever since I got into it I've become pretty much compulsive about it--every time I meet a person, I HAVE to find out their sign. XD I can't help it; it's just so interesting.

I'm really interested in self-discovery in learning how to better accept and understand myself, as well as start to truly improve. So far, everything's been pretty insightful, but I'm still CONFUSED!!

:wink: there's so much to take into consideration.

I was wondering if anybody could help me? I checked out some of the other messages on this forum, and you all seem very talented and good at this. :wink: I don't know how to upload my chart, but I can give you all of my information instead?

September 1, 1989, 2:40 p.m.
Patchogue, New York

...is that all I need?
Also, I asked this question on another board, but I guess I'll ask it again: I was born three weeks early, and the doctor performed a c-section on my mom. It was a planned thing. The time and date of my birth was scheduled for when they would do it. This wouldn't change anything about my astrological make-up, right? I don't think so, but I just want to be sure. :p

Anyway, thanks to anyone in advance who'd be willing to help me. . .I already know most of the basic stuff about my chart, but things like the trines and the sextiles and all that's where it gets confusing. :roll: I would really appreciate it if anybody could help me--it's nice to meet all of you (well, you know what I mean...) and I'm glad to have found a place where I can learn from fellow astrologers. :wink: I should go to sleep now, because if I don't I'm going to be completely dead in school tomorrow, but thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a very good night!~


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Hi Anna,

Welcome to the forum from a fellow Virgo, my Moon is nearly in Virgo too, but as it happens, is actually on the last degree of Leo.

I feel I should tell you how to upload your chart, because I once asked this question and it took me ages to understand the instructions anyone gave, until Danae told me how step by step, and I was so appreciative, so really, I owe the same favour to someone else.

Okay here goes.

Get your chart up on AstroDienst, if you don't know what that is then go here:


I think you need to register, but it's okay 'cos it's free.

Click on 'free horoscopes'.

Click on 'Extended Chart Selection'

Then enter your birth data. If you're new to astrology you might be a bit bewildered by all the detailed options settings, don't worry about this, use the default settings for now.

When you have your chart up, then click on 'file' on the standard toolbar, click on 'save as', then choose a title for your chart - or just keep the title that is there, which will be 'AstroDienst 100% Free Chart' or something very similar.

Save the image in the 'pictures' file, or open a folder to put it in.

Now you have the image saved to your computer, you need to upload it.

Go onto ImageShack, which you will find here:

(for some reason the web address of imageshack won't show up, so just type imageshack into a search engine and you'll find it manually).

Once you are at ImageShack, click on browse, and it will open up your saved images, open the file that contains your chart and an address for the image will appear in the text-box next to the 'browse' button.

There is an checkbox option to 'resize' image. Tick it and choose a suitable size for the forum, I like to use 'for message boards', but use what you like.

Then, click 'host it' and your image will begin to upload.

Once the image is uploaded, you will see a variety of codes in text-boxes. Left click on 'hotlink for forums 1', and then right click and copy what is there, and then paste it as an attachment to your message.

If you click on a preview of that message, you should see how your uploaded chart wil appear on the forum.

Here is an example of your chart:

Now you have a try. If you don't get the hang of it at first then keep practising, just make sure you know where you are saving the image to in your file.

Good look with your uploading.

Draco ;)
whoaoow. :p thanks Draco. i'm too tired to do it tonight, lol, but i really appreciate the information! it's a great help to me. :wink:

and i'm always glad to meet a fellow virgo! :wink: i've yet to meet one with the same moon as me, but you came close. XD what's your ascendant, by the way?

Arian Maverick

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I have a Virgo South Node, does that count? This means that I've had lots and lots of lifetimes of Virgo experiences, but in this incarnation, I'm a Virgo wannabe :mrgreen:

Aquarian Maverick


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Hello and Welcome fellow Virgo Sun, Sagittarius rising (same here :) )

Here's your chart, according to the program on this site. To generate it, just go to http://mychart.astrologyweekly.com, enter your birth details, then on the second page, just select Daylight Saving Time, click Continue and that's it. Your chart is ready to be interpreted and if you scroll down, you'll already see an interpretation.
Then you may send it by email, print it or show it to others on forums. What else could you do with it?

With your Jupiter - Uranus opposition, both squaring Mercury in Libra, chances are to quickly become addict to astrology and online astrology forums as they provide a quick sometimes passionate feedback (cardinal signs) to one's astrological inquiries. I myself became addict to astrology forums and mailing lists ever since I got online, as one of the first online experiences, and it was of a paramount help to support astrological education and enthusiasm by providing feedback, also to refine astrological understanding.

See you around!


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I forgot to tell you about the Astrology Weekly chart generator, which is easier to bring up on the forum.

I am Pisces rising.

Draco ;)
Aquarian Maverick said:
I have a Virgo South Node, does that count? This means that I've had lots and lots of lifetimes of Virgo experiences, but in this incarnation, I'm a Virgo wannabe :mrgreen:

Aquarian Maverick

well, i'm glad to meet anyone of ANY sign, so of course you count too! :D and if you're a virgo wannabe, then that's cool, too. :wink:

is that what the south node is, then? i'm pretty sure mine's in leo. . .so does that mean i'm a poser leo? XD
thanks radu! :mrgreen: i have my chart now--yay! XD that's also very cool that you're virgo-sagittarius. you're now the first other person i know of with the same sun-ascendant combination as me. :D

that's really funny that it says i'm prone to quickly becoming an addict to astrology, hehe. XD my mom bought a book on it about a year ago, and ever since i started reading it, i've become enraptured ever since. :roll:

thanks again!
Draco said:

I forgot to tell you about the Astrology Weekly chart generator, which is easier to bring up on the forum.

I am Pisces rising.

Draco ;)

awesome. :p thanks again, Draco. and you're lucky to have a pisces rising! :mrgreen: i love pisces. . .i wish i had that sign somewhere in my chart. i'm usually very drawn towards people with their suns or ascendants in pisces, as well as the piscean traits. maybe it's because it's my opposite...? :? if i could be any other sign, i'd definitely choose to be a pisces. all of the ones i've come across in my life so far are so beautiful and fascinating. :wink: